Freestyle Session Lyrics

[loud speaker]
Will you please take your seats
And clear the isle

Mic check...

I be doing things on my own, and ain't no need for a mentor
Girls wanna see me front and center, diamonds gleam when I enter
Hit the spot and them boys looking, that boys is so lovely
And that boy be popping champagne, that boy be sipping on bubbly
Running thangs, ain't no every day I'm on my campaign
Some boys be sipping cristal, moet pop serving champagne
Sip a fo' guzzler, straight up cause I got your muzzle
People too hard to figure out, so shit call me a puzzler
Freestyling nigga, boy I be showing charisma
Yeah I be shooting for Georgia Tech, like my name was Eddie Elisma
Doing this thing these boys can't mess with me, these boys can't test me
What's left to see, is that boy R-E double D
I'm a star sipping bar in the car, sitting sideways on the highway
Two hundred the fly way, what that boy say
That boy's out of control, that boy balling, that boy top drop low crawling
That boy's nineteen, that boy's not stalling
That boy mash for his green, that boy stacking cash for his dream
That boy last to get the green, that boy too fast on the scene
That boy be moving, that boy in the groove, that boy gon bust a move
That boy gon get the girls man, he gon make em all soothe
In a bubble bath in the jacuzzi, might pull a yellow bone floozie
That boy don't understand, cause that shit really don't amuse me
I'ma grab the microphone till the mic is gone, I can hit the spot
Like it or not I'm a big shot, f**k it drop

I be at the stud' in the cool, with the draw walking in the nude
Telling her that I can come through, and I can get her into a interlude
At the same time I can have the tool, that's the microphone the utensil
While I come through the Southside, everybody say man that boy's instrumental
Better yet he's a republican or a democrat, everytime he look at
Talking bout man what he have to have, a motherf**king Cadillac
On fo's, and I'm still swanging to the elbows and they sticking out
What you talking bout, what about them boys on Rap-A-Lot
Love to talk about the hoes that I f**k, and I smash and I pass
At the same time everytime I receive, they be saying he's tip-toeing fast
Like a motherf**king ninja, or I mean the karate kid
At the same time I can drop the top, and I can go on and drop the lid
I mean I can let it fall, always come through and we still can ball
At the same time I gotta write my name on the wall, cause I gotta get a plack
I'm a mack in a Lac ready to attack, I duck on Shaq
Might as well make this boy put his granny, have a cardiac arrest
Using finesse I pop up in the STS, or a Benz
Me and my friends rolling on 20's, I mean three's
At the same time we some G's, sipping on Hi-C
Tropicana, here's the key to the banana, what about the scandalous
And Fraiser that he say, that he made the people
Cause they be talking bout what we doing, and how we be screwing
I'ma pass the mic to Flip, so he can get to doing what he doing
Grab the mic and be screwing

Man hold up...

[Lil' Flip]
Put the mic up, I'ma let y'all know I'm the Freestyle King
Got more ice than Dairy Queen, I pull up very clean on the scene
In a brand new machine, it might be a Jag
I wear my pants with a sag, had a BMX with mask
I never brag I never boast, I might eat on roast
And people say when we got a white cup in my hand, we might toast
I got Hump I got Redd to the side, we'll chunk it up
Uh ain't no drank in the cup, cause I done already drunk it up
I'm leaning I mean like a tower, got mo' drank than Doogie Hawser
Stay in Cloverland, I might pull up in the Prowler I'ma call
Get a room for a hour and take a shower, hit the West down to press
Pass a girl I can tell I must confess, I must manifest
I learned about the constitution, I learned about all this stuff
I learned about that you can get diamond baguettes, princess cuts or crushed
I got a piece I got a crease, nigga I look nice in it
Nigga I'd done go, get the Escalade and don't even look at the price in it
Nigga I can buy every car I want, and I can go to the mall
Nigga I own half of the Rockets, and ten percent of the C-Walls
You can't ever do like I do, cause nigga I'm a millionaire I'ma make em stare
Nigga I got my own name brand shoes, and my underwear
Every song I get on it's a hit, wake up eating bacon, eggs and grits
I got a gal with a round ass, and I got a gal with tits
I ain't never had no girl that was acting fraud, cause they was hard
They say Lil' Flip always be sending, them haters to the morgue
See everytime I grab the mic, these boys be like he gon show off
And everytime I put the mic down, them boys say man that boy show off
He go off I'ma let these boys know, nigga you wanna make a wager
I can get a cut from Moony, I can go Southside show down and holla at major
Get a cut, nigga I pimp a slut on the cut
Man I got great pass and struts, pull up in a brand new Lexus truck
With Screw eating on barbecue, like Master P say Hoody Hooo
Nigga I stay Sucka Free, but uh I might just stay T-R-U
Wear FUBU and Kinner Ko and Jabos, I keep a crease
These people say god damn Flip, you got a car you don't ever have a lease
See I can pay the whole price, I look nice nigga I just do it
Nigga I break these boys off, smoke sweets no embalming fluid
Then I wreck I recollect, do a song with J-Mack
Uh to describe my house in one word, nigga I'm living so laid back
Now I got a escalator, matter fact I got the common denominator
I pull up, I make a movie like Arnold Schwarzengger
The Terminator or The Predator, nigga I wrote a book I'm the editor
Them boys be saying, Flip always be ahead of his competitors
Cause these boys can't flow, these boys be saying I'ma come down
And I'ma break these boys off, and get down like James Brown
Or Chucky Brown or Troy Brown, I could make me another movie
In the jacuzzi and blast like a uzi, nigga I get free in the movies
Cause I always at Loogie's, I be eating on Tuesday's I might shrimp fetticini
Pull up in the Lamborgini, like Aladdin I got a beanie like a genie
I represent, got more candy than peppermint intelligent
Nigga I might just, run for President with Bill Clinton
Did I mention, I had record George I'd run convention
These boys be like I don't be listening, girls with gucci braids and extensions
I like the yellows I go tell her, nigga I got uh mo' food than Hamburger Helper
Nigga you wanna take us like desert sketch, I leave you scared
Nigga I got a partna by the name of Chris, that's Redd
People say I got friends all the way from the Northside, to Hump's head
I got a partna named Slim Thug and Lil' Mario, from the Fo'-Fo'
We'll do how we do, we go uh take a trip to Akapoko
Got a dog named Todo, uh nigga I'm hotter than cocoa
You wanna see what I do, nigga these crazy niggas be loco
What about South Park Mexican, that's my partna from Hillwood
Everybody know that I be balling outta control, smoke so I can feel good
I got drank or I got a lot of money, I got a lot of bank
These people say man that Flip so god damn thoed, man what you think
I think that boy could be a millionaire, I think that boy could run the streets
I think that boy gon be the, funkiest nigga like Bun B
I let these boys know I don't be playing, when I grab the mic I'm versatile
I'm acting wild, some people be smoking on the black and mild
But I'm ready I'ma wreck it up like confetti, I'ma leave em shredded
And people say when I fill up my Jag, nigga it's gas unleaded
Cash and credit when I shop at Trump's How, prices ain't hard now
You don't wanna see what Lil' Flipper uh, get the weed and spark now
Now I'm feeling good I'm in a Lincoln, what they thinking they hating
They say Lil' Flip be running thru these boys on a freestyle, like Walter Payton
Or Gary Payton the glove I show love, I ain't never been no scrub
Nigga everytime I wreck a tape, them boys be like Flip come and give me a dub
These niggas wanna mug me, these niggas wanna love me cause I'm in a Lexus
From Texas, these boys be staying on the Southside ain't no plexers
We drive reckless on the leftside, and turn lanes on a three-way
Or I might go to the club, and say uh give my D-tape to the DJ
He'll play it I'll say it, get the mic and I'll wreck it, them boys be like
Lil' Flip you got so much money, you don't never have to go on naked
Nigga I got Mariah Carey, nigga I got all the fine girls
The class of 9-9 girls, you wanna see me blind girl, when I shine
Like B.G., nigga it's gon be a bling bling
Nigga I'ma have to talk on my walkie talkie, when my Nextel ring ring
And if I don't wanna talk, nigga I ain't gon even answer the phone
Nigga I be doing like I gotta do, nigga you can cancel that home
See I got a home in Roam, I got a phone that got three way
You wanna see Lil' Flip run through them like a, TSU relay
When I run I ain't gon stop, I'ma look to the left and look to the right
And nigga everytime I take the mic, you gon say Flip the Freestyle King
Of your whole life nigga

I'm the Freestyle King nigga, ha-ha

I told you, I told you, I told you

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Songwriter(s): Todd Berry
Publisher(s): Mount Nebo

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