Chop Chop Lyrics

Hump, where you at baby
It's that Boss Hogg huh
We got something to show y'all though
Chop em up

Get up all the ballas, make your way to the front
84's on blaze, and have some bang in your trunk
Sip syrup or blazing skunk, overdose if you can
I ain't saying I'm the man, but I'm your host with the plan
Instead of parlaying, I know these niggas feel what I'm saying
Cause all G's from Houston Texas, now you know where I'm staying
Crawling low tip-toeing, in a five double O
B-E-N-Z, on dash reclined watching TV
Decided what game Playstation, and a Sega cd
Later on we hold and jumping, to the pretty Bentley
Did I mention in the steering wheel's, a color TV
Tinted up blowing smoke, that's the life of a G

[Lil' Flip]
Houston we have a problem, we ball too much
Threw some blades on my ride, and now we crawl too much
Threw some paint on the car, and now we drip too much
Bought a gallon of drank, and now we sip too much
Flip too much, wood grain we grip too much
You might as well, say that H.S.E. pimp too much
Everybody wearing diamonds, so I wear baguettes
Everybody riding Benz, so I fly in a jet
I got a palace in Dallas, I got a train in Spain
Airplanes with candy wings, TV screens and thangs
Girls dancing in my mansion, playas still party too
I got ice in my mouth, but my name ain't Cube
Acting bad in the slab, filling up at Texaco
Chop chop twist twist, on my way to Mexico
Videos and commercials, radio and rehearsals
In hover crafts I love to laugh, my style is so universal

[Hook x2]
Chop chop twist twist, rocks is on my wrist
I'm a billion dolla balla, with a million dolla kiss
Twist twist chop chop, watch the car hop
I represent my hood, and my worldwide block

Candy jet flying wet, elevator sky screamer
Late night Casanova, in a Rover or the Beamer
Slanging in the intersection, squat out with a smile
On the Nextel phone, my screens spin like crystal balls
You ain't know, tell these niggas get me lean way
And if the FED's is watching, we leaving trails on the freeway
Ain't no instant replay, man we wetting niggas up
It's so hard to lose my touch, but I'm betting niggas up
Stacking paper cutting papers, never known to catch vapors
Guard the states with city exits, one hundred feet skyscrapers
Chop chop twist twist, I got rocks on my wrist
Scratching haters off my list, and blow a million dolla kiss

[Verse 4]
H-Town H-Town bitch, city of dreams
And everything in H-Town, ain't always what it seems
You might get jacked, for your blades and swangas
From MLK to the Tre, we keeping one in the chamber
H-Town H-Town bitch, city of dreams
Where we stay creased up and pieced up, top flighted codeine
Platinum bezeltine gleam, thugs wishing on a star
Stretched land Lex pop a Zanek, plus my stretches for tomorrow

[Hook x2]

Chop chop twist twist, forty glock up in my wrist
Or my desert eagle resident evil, for these niggas that's on my list
You got me pissed nigga, see you's a bitch nigga
And at your concert you in dirt, and we won't miss nigga
I guess you jealous of the Benzo, on Lorenzo's
And your jacks and fools, keep bringing me the ends so
The Ghetto Twinz show, got dropped up on your head
Now meet my little friend, my Mack 10 with a infrared
I heard you hid your cars, locked your burglar bars
Don't f**k with the E and Hump chump, cause we some murder stars
This calls for war why, for they kick in your belly
Chop chop with my machete, twist your neck cause we deadly

[Hook x2]

Jiggidy chop chop
Jiggidy twist twist
Million dolla ballas
Million dolla kiss [x2]

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