New Mingling Lyrics

[modeled after "Best Kept Secret" by Diamond D]

[Grand Agent]
I run through your veins like James & The Famous Flames
Name is Grand Agent, this is how you play the game
Lay up in the cut like the babies in your nuts
Even though you wanna make it born, never rush
Treat it like a trick and cover up your dick and
feel what you spit and you might write a hit and
maybe you won't, but I still think you dope
Not the type to hope that a brother drop the soap
like the kid up in Half Baked, check the second Quest tape
"It's the rap industry and it ain't that cool."
But worse though it's ignorant, not to make niggas rich
Even Chuck D sell his stuff on the internet
Now you wanna get outta ya deal (f**k you talkin bout?)
Don't let this rhyme change how the way you feel
Naaah, don't be mad cuz it ain't all good
Believin everything that you saw in the hood
It goes on and on into show-biz
with the dumb shit, on some "Yo where you from kid?"
Now you represent that, though it's evident that
you talkin bout places that you ain't never been at
In fact, I'ma say it again
Livin by the pen is minglin with mayhem - c'mon

[Chorus x2: various samples]
"Grand, Agent" - "North Philly's most wanted!"
"Grand Agent" - "Minglin with mayhem"
"Grand, Agent" - "North Philly's most wanted!"
"Grand Agent" - "Minglin with mayhem"

[Grand Agent]
See I write my own rhymes, produce my own hits
and I'm never at a loss for new shit
I take a whole song and rape it
with so much finesse though, brothers can't hate it
And if they do then so what it's all love
What I'm about to say should be dug
Rap is my bitch and your bitch is my bitch and
some of y'all is rich, but your rhymes ain't shit
So how do you frauds like me now?
I only hit grand slams, never will I foul
Brothers pop fly when they be catchin deals
I step to your crew cuz I know they think for you
Yo, you can't hustle down this way
"Aiyyo Grand, I heard you moved to LA!"
You gotta know folks, a whole lotta folks
but if they whack, then it don't mean jack man
You better off on your own ock
Doin this for the love of Hip Hop
I gotta thousand rhymes books at the crib
not for show though, it's just the way I live
See, me I want the show doe, some get no dough
It's up to you though, choose your own path bro
But remember when you live by the pen
Yo kid, you're minglin with mayhem


[Grand Agent]
Yo, it's deadlier than being truthful
Sometimes when you that and you black then they shoot you
But the norm it's not, if you perform a lot
make sure it's not warm, but hot
In other words, earn your stardom
Never follow something other than your own calling
Rough and rugged, not for the timid
Inside the North Blunt Illadel city limits
learned from the greats so the flakes and fakes
gotta hold tight, yeah they just gotta wait
I'm not speakin to upset ya, I bet the lecture
.. will enhance your whole two-bit
education on this rap shit, you got it ass backwards
Gotta speak truth irregardless of the facts kid
Word - but if preferred, you can be a bitch
To get a deal you be a eight-to-one pick
It's in the handle, can you handle your pen?
Yo, you're minglin with mayhem

[Chorus x2]

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Songwriter(s): Larry Darnell Fowler, Jared Lee Taylor
Record Label(s): 2004 Groove Attack Productions
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