Ray Allen Flow Lyrics

Skrt Skrt
Ayy Ay
Ayy Ayy Ayyy
Yuh, yuh
Wopster, Mobster
Gang gang
Yuh yuh yuh
Bitch yuh yuh yuh yuh
p*ssy nigga
f*ck goin on

Ay, ay, ay
Pop up wit a stick
Let it hit
Run off with his shit
Run off wit a brick
Hit a lick
It was me and Slick
I don't give a shit (no)
f*ck your clique
Hoodfame gang the shit (Hoodfame gang)
Nigga play wit Yayo, he gon pop up, let him eat the clip

Nigga know just how we comin
Nigga know just how we rock
f*ck nigga play wit the heater, we gon hit him wit a Glock
Bullets come, won't stop
f*ck a op
f*ck a cop
We got chops
Let him drop
Watch him drop
I'm the shit, watch me wop
Pull out the racks, she say "Whoa"
Hoodfame youngin, I got dope
Trappin out the store, big bag full of blow
Good crack, got a line waitin' at the door
Young nigga geekin witcha hoe, yuh
Young nigga geekin witcha hoe, yuh
Geekin on addy, been up for a week
Giuseppe my toes, spent a band on my sneak
Young nigga dummy, pop back while you sleep
Choppa hit him, leave his head by his feet
Young nigga creep and delete
Bitch if it's beef, we gon eat (Rrrr)
p*ssy nigga talkin' tough in them tweets (p*ssy nigga)
Mask on at your door, trick or treat (Hello?)
I give a f*ck nigga [???] (Blaow)
Say a word and my youngins gon knock him off (Go get him)
Pick up his body and drop him off (Pick him up)
Just like that work, we gon drop him off (work)
Oh, you came wit your clique? Oh, you thirty deep?
I bet that big thooka gon drop him out (bitch)
Hit you and your bitch, then we pop it off (boom)
If you thought it was sweet, nigga, not at all (nope)
Full of that lean, got me nodding off (lean, lean)
Talkin' 'bout [?], we got em all (got em)
I'm selling pills, no Tylenol (trap)
Bitch on my side, she a f*ckin' dog (freak)
You talkin' bout keys on the keeper
[?] got work and it's cheaper
Trap with a heater
.45 on my head like a beeper[?]
Pop up on yo block with a sweeper
These niggas can't f*ck wit the gang
The boy better stay in they lane
These niggas, they lame
Lil Cj, he down for the stain
Pop up wit a hole in your brain
These niggas can't hang
Big ol' thooka make it rain
My youngin gon' shoot like he trained
Shootin' persition
All of my guns, they extensions
Young nigga ride wit a [?] (Ay, ay)
Jumped off that porch, I was just itty bitty
Jumped in that water, thirteen with that glizzy (hoe)
Fourteen years old, me and Zach on a mission
Up in that thooka, we hittin', no missin'
Then I start jackin' and robbin' (jackin')
Cos I wanted Gucci and Robyn (Give it up)
I had to get it, my momma ain't had it, so I took it from niggas who got it (bitch)
Trappin' and juggin' for profit (trap)
All black Maserati
Wanna be gang? You gotta catch a body (Gang gang)

Big homie
Gang gang, gang
Lets get it
Wopster, yeah yeah, mobster
Rich Before 21, f*ck nigga
Let's go
Hoodfame Hoodfame gang gang

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Songwriter(s): Go Yayo
Record Label(s): 2017 Hoodfame USA
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