Majik City - Sleep Logging Lyrics

i was found just motionless arranged from parts i've
often missed. i re-invest my stock in spirit, how it
proves that i exist. all the west was won in hours, how
can i compare to that? your heart is gold but some are
callous, i decide what's right for me. i will revel in
my home town, watch your fingers as they float, grow a
garden for my best friends, keep the kittens safe but
not too close. oh, i was raised on kansas farmland. all
my cousins had two horses. knowing how much you admired
all their beauty and their splendor, i requested one so
you could have one of your own and though, technically,
we both know you can own nothing at all in this life,
there were some legalities involving all the sketchy
shit that we pulled - but i was feeling way too good to
really give a f**k at all. don't you know, you can take
it all. they say that piece of mind can go a long way,
but there's something comforting about keeping it a
cluttered mess, but when the mess is cleared there will
be a line, and it will stretch for miles. it's the
renaissance, it's the crying kids who only wanted
attention from their mothers, but they masked it with
requests for candy and a pretty necklace that they
found while waiting in line. the mothers all look down
and say, "you know i love you, honey, but this is just
a waste." now i'm a connoiseur of all the dirt and
shame, that i can stand to taste. all the older folks
defend the times to feeling quite miserably. and all
the younger kids demand the scene is returned to them
presently. and what determines i and i, the working
bones, a health decline. now i can't hold what's in my
hands. i just want to get so stoned and follow you to
bed. you are pretty in this kind of stolen way. i am
all tied up in a parlor game. and it goes like this, it
floats like this, it sinks like this, it dies like
this. i wither aloud in my amarnthine maze. it's lasted
me this long, it won't dare to go away. where all my
colors, they run deep and intersect into shapes of
items we once found in alleys where we thought we'd go
insane. but i was happy with my progress. all my
friends were standing there. and i remember back in
kansas, a pretty girl i knew quite well, you see. will
you remember me?

and i get money if you get money and i take the money
and run, take the money and run, get money if you take
the money and run, take the money and run. and i get
tired when you get tired, but i can't take it if you
won't take it, and i feel safer when you feel safer, i
know it's timing and i don't have it. but i get broken
in two, with you in time, get safer in lungs or rather
stomach songs, get money and too, too tired to speak,
let's lay on the floor, let's shut off the phone. i got
crazy when you got better, you left unchanging and i
start stopping to speak i do it not well i serbian
winds i run in the air i never come back.

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