Retarded Lyrics

Chorus [Sponza]

Yeah, ma' Homie
We go Retarded [X2].
We live crazy life
Yeah, We talk sh**!
You will never understand,
We talk sh**! (Yeah)
We talk sh** than A** can produce.
I swear ma' homie
Yeah, we go retarded.
We live crazy life.
Yeah, We talk sh**!
You will never understand,
We talk sh**!

Verse 1[Dee]

And Im so fly and Im so fly.
Pus** A** Niggah Stop hating.
And Im Visualising my words,
Like I'm rapping in 3D
And I show no love to these niggas,
Like calendar with no february
Yal already know we be pumping blood,we be acting like the pulmonary.

And Im up in the clouds and Im up in the clouds.
Marrying the game and Im speaking the vows.
Smoking the kush and Im getting so high!
Popping the pussy and Im going retarded. (huh)
And i dont care what they say,
'Cause I defecate to conversate
Lessner D is for Destinate!

I told that bit** she my side bit**
'Cause niggas be hating she's taking my side (huh)
I say, niggas be hating she's taking my side.
Rolling the kush
And I'm getting so high.
Drinking the booze
We getting so drunk.
We be up all night,
Smoking kush,
And we drinking up huh...


Verse 2 [ Lu]

Yeah! I'm going retarded.
Killing the flow and I be getting on the beat.
Talking that money,
My haters are deaf!
Getting money I'm the king of the streets.
Yal niggas be hating me,
Yal need a new hobby,yeah.
Running after this paper with my homies
Yeah, we getting moola.
Killing all of these cats,
Running away with a plate of a tunna,yeah.
Eating your bone, eating your bone,
Calling your bit** sister Betina.
Killing all of this beats,turn the lights off
I'm talking about LeeRoR!
Man of the moment from another planet,
The man on the mirror.
Yal be going so slow.
Got these niggas very down low, yeah!
I be giving yall gifts,
Got me feeling like Santa Clause.
Yeah, that bit** is so old
Call her granny, nigga
She's on menopause.
We be going so hard, yeah!
We be killing these beats


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