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I'm Hurt Lyrics


Yeah, I'm hurt but the question is:
Do I have to cry?
Do I have to mourn?
Do I have to stress?
For living me alone,
When you held me you said forever
Now that you're Gone
I know you meant ever.
Damn, I can't do this
I'm so Hurt

Tears of blood fall from my heart,
I thought you are my destiny
I thought you are the one
But I was wrong.
I wish I could see you
But you don't even care.
She brought me immense pain.
I'm destroyed from inside
Yeah, is hard for me.
God please help me, Is getting darker.
Light it up, pick me up, I'm falling down, hold my hand, heal me,
Set my wings.
I wanna to fly, fly high.
'Till I touch the sky('Till I touch the sky)
Yeah, let me sing little bit


She hurt me, so bad.
And I feel so bad,
I Feel like I can Cry!
Ohhh... Love, I feel so bad
Ohhh... she hurt me so bad

Verse 2 (Dee)

I am tripping, actually I am very hurt.
But I'm still falling for you
Like I'm power trippin'.
If loving you was a sin,
I'd never stop sinning
But you're making promises that you're never keeping.
Oh I hate love,
I hate that I Iove you so much.
And I thought you were the one,
I was lying.
For the very 1st time I found myself crying.
F**k love, I'm done trying.
And sh*t hurts so bad it's I'm dying.
It's like I'm in a war but I'm not fighting.
Uh, yeah
I thought you said I'm the one.
Thought you love me and you'll never run,
Kissing and laughing under the sun
We were fun.
But look at us now,
We are doing none.
And I'd shoot myself
Only if I had gun.
So much of being the perfect couple.
Put my efforts in this sh*t, I was working double.
But you go straight in my face
And bust my bubble.
I don't hate you but I hate that I love you so much.
Seems like times have changed,
Imma get a new watch.
And every love song I ever wrote was for you,
I would've fought for you
But you keep shutting me down.
Damn, I thought you knew I loved you boo
I thought you loved me too.
I just smoke loud 'cause when I'm high
I don't think about you ('bout you)

Verse 3 (Lu)

They say love is blind
I'l be your walking stick.
She never go sad, she's smiling every pic.
She told me that she love
For me she gonna die.
I'm feeling so alone, do I really have to cry?
They say love is wrong,
Even Crack wanna end it.
That's why I hate love,
Nobody ever meant it.
Oh yeah I hate love,
I'll never love again.
I was feeling you,
But now I'm feeling pain.
Salty water on my eyes,
I make it rain.
Took so long for me to know the truth.
I thought I was your man
Man, I was your roof.
Now I flew away, I'm the one to be replaced.
Girl, without me
Your heart will be misplaced.
I'm feeling so sorry for every man you gonna date.
Now I'm all alone
I'm feeding on my plate.
Now I'm feeling wrong I sing when I'm hurt.
Oh yes, you drive me crazy.
Oh yes, you drive me crazy!
I'll never die for love,
Love was never found.
I plant it your heart
Like I seed underground.
I treat you like a Queen
Even though I aint got no crown.
I'd rather say goodbye but
I aint talking Chris Brown.
True love will never die
Even though I'm feeling down.
But never mind girl,
I'll find another you.
1+1 I do it like Beyonce.
My only wish girl is to be your fiancé.

Phone call (Lu)

(Hello) Hello(Hello! )
Ya it's me Lu(Ohh mxm)
I have been trying to call you the whole day but your phone was off(Ohh),
I jus wanna tell you that I really miss you(Laugh)
Even though you hurt me so much(k)
But it's fine imma be good, I don't need you anymore, when we met it was love at first side but now it aint, I hate you(Mxm, go to hell).

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