Bloodshed Lyrics (feat. Dj Trickalome)

Artist: Genocide
Song: Bloodshed
© Terrorize Records

Talking Sample: Candyman [Movie]
They will say that I have Shed Innocent Blood
But what is blood for, if not for shedding
I came for You!

Verse 1:

Gimme the mic I bring light to the darkness
Real life silverback, I recite heartless
Machete blade sharpness, eliminate targets
[Yeah] warfare ready like suicide martyrs

The combat veteran, My strategy intelligent
Before you challange me, better notify your bretheren
I specialise in Urban Guerilla Tactics
The roadside bomb, got your car doing back-flips

Murder,Murder,Murder be a word that I practise
On fake muthaf*ckaz, who be actin all glamourous
We bodybaggin, black wagon reapers
Debt collect souls, underground crypt keepers

Behold the bottom feeders,mad gutter and mad gully
You dont wanna f*ck around with me cuz my wrath ugly
So hungry call me king kong bundy
Step into the ring, and you leave all bloody
DJ Trickalome Cuts

Verse 2:

I got the angel on my left, and a deamon on my right
I'm a saint im a sinner and I live a dark life
I'm a do what I gotta do in order to survive
Remain mentally ready for the war to arrive

I'm an untamed animal, my battle cry firce
Attack like mike tyson im rippin off your ears
Only bringin you the Raw shit, more then leatherface
Chase rappers with a chainsaw, ropes and razor blades

If you ain't down with us, then you bound to get murked
See my network of cells bring hell upon this earth
Make the sky turn red with the mic as my trident
Rule the 7 seas and beyond like poseidon

[Yeah I correspond violent], ill and mad sick
You can blame it on the silverback gang that I hang with
So when you bang this, spread it like a dirty bomb
Bang your head, everytime when this records on

DJ Trickalome Cuts

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Record Label(s): 2020 Terrorize Records
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