Burn Part 2 Lyrics

Rolling up with 'em twenties
Hoes alone in my condo
Getting bitches that lucid
Black Rickie Ricardo
Gucci, Gucci, that Prada, Prada, fireworks in this bitch
Tell them to go in my... they will die...
I supply the work, niggas talk I got them...
Fresh to death I... I f*ck the bitch...
f*ck niggas, I ain't starting to f*ck niggas
Hurry up to my track, nigga... what's up, niggas?...

I'm in the kitchen going hell again
We're not throwing bottles nigga, we don't get that...
... the only niggas new that's...
All you single nigga put this old dick in your old bitch!
I've been hard since 06, I've been...
That's why I... I've been popping that Rose!
What them hoes say?
... let my niggas in, let shut them down!
Let's call them in on Monday
Watch... on Thursday...
Gray stones in my chain, gray stones on Sunday
Bad bitches... you won't get it one day!
Bitch, you want many for this shit
So many shades on me, I think that... on this bitch
We're throwing money everywhere
That... that I will never wear
That bad bitch from...
And that...
What? Nelly? where the f*ck is Nelly?
Got a bitch... while a nigga watching belly
Got a bitch...
I got Louis, I got Louis, nigga my life is a movie...
Them bottles like I'm...
Bitch... coca nut, cream berry, open up
And we're making that drown, weird nigga I'm gone!

Scream now BF, I ain't with the BF
Catch me in the city riding hard to the...
Skinny nigga but I do it large like a 3S
The last nigga tried to do me wrong...
Hold on to that money singing...
I'll probably catch a...
Cause we're next and we flex like 90 pm
Working all night, no breaks or recess.
Rum, rum, yeah I know my cars I'm like a T-Rex
Bitch, I'm twenty three years old and I ain't riding in a Pyrus
My cousin... can't believe he graduated
Throwing 20000 dollars, tell his ass congratulations
Cause we... made for that shit
But I could probably... made for that shit
... I pray to God that you see me
Money I can... smoking good that's...
Bad bitch and her cha-cha, grabbing on her chi-chi
Ten thousand dollar bill on my e-mail, you're mad as hell you're not...
Chain on... bitch, you know what's...
Riding around my city and to...

... living the hard nights we're trapping
They say life's a game of chess
You gonna play check...
Cause it's dying away and...
I say yey nigger, I murder that
... niggers say they want... where the f*ck is my birthday at?
I got while... I've been to jail and...
... she throw back I slam...
Lay back we're...
That's cause I do, hoe
Shut up to my new hoe
That p*ssy pink like... and I thought on that, new...
... what they gonna say, gonna say?
I hit the pedal to that mother f*cker break
Celebrate, freaky bitches let the money out
And to live like this, you mother f*ckers gotta pay

So let that shit burn, let that shit burn,
Let that shit burn, burn
The roof on fire, I'm already getting higher
It's all that in my pocket...

Bitch, I had one shot on that blunt
... fall off in their...
I got... looking like I'm growing
... the hood behind me like a king cobra

Burn bitch, I let it burn bitch
My money straighter than a mother f*cker perm bitch
Every day she can see that it's my turn shit
Shawty give me all that brain, still ain't learn no... shit

Oh, that's your girl, damn nigga you ain't learn shit
That's your girl, damn nigga you ain't learn shit
She... I'm on that...
Yeah, I swear that... and now the p*ssy got a new car smell
The same shit, different day
I'm about no p*ssy, different day
Don't turn me down I got shit to say...
I got a bad bitch with them pom pons
My... don't tick tack, she sound like a time bomb

Niggas gonna talk? what they gonna say?
I hit the pedal to the mother f*cking break
Celebrate, freaky niggas let the money...
... live like this, you mother f*ckers gotta pay
So let that shit burn, let that shit burn
Let that shit burn, let that shit burn
The roof on fire, I'm only get higher
Fifty racks all in my pocket, no more bottles...
I let that shit burn, burn
I let that shit burn!
The roof on fire, I'm only get higher
Fifty racks all in my pocket, no more bottles...

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