187 Ya Yo Lyrics

Who you know fresher than Green, riddle me that

Lloyd Banks
Im on the Road blowin Grade A Hayes

Young Buck
Dont be mad at me dogg this all I know is to show these ??? how it supposed to go

50 Cent
I'll teach ya how to Stunt

The Game
Countdown to Armageddon Motherf*cker, Chuck Taylor in this bitch wit Dj Green Latern

Tony YaYo
Its the Remix

The Game
Have you ever seen a Bently Coupe on Gold Dayton Wires, doin a buck fifty, Me Banks Buck & 50, Im Ridin Shotgun with the Mac 11, this the Remix homie Stunt 1-8-7, before i lose my life, for that dime embezzled, I'll tint the window with your brains nigga 38 special, and i keep somethin ghetto in the Von Dutch Stelletos, Canerrie Yellow Rocks in my chest like Carmello, might rock a Rose Gold Jesus piece, wit stones that shine like the ghost of Eazy-E, and you can try and snatch my chain if you think your a stunt man, i'll put you in hard bottoms like you work for jumpman. You want the drama i'll bring the beef, like i work at fatburger 7 dayz a week, soon as snoop retire, i'm the king of cali, I'll stunt like i caught jacob in a manhattan alley.

Hook- Lil Flip x2
We came to show you how to stunt, Big cars, Big Trucks, and bigger whips, you claim you got this and that by flippin crack, stop lyin, nigga you just rapped.
Lil Flip
A lot of Rap Cats rap about jewels, but that aint rose gold, thats fools, look at the shoes on the whip 22's, i still gotta deal, what about you? I got liqour nigga you wanna drink? I go on shoppin sprees, you wanna mink? Im just kiddin, i aint trickin for no hoe, this how im livin i aint hurtin for no doe, i push tight whips just like percy(what else), i always rock custom jerseys (what else), my new shit about to drop on you niggas, just call me hoe, when you not wit ya nigga.

Hook x2

Tony YaYo
I stay Stuntin, green 6 black parrelli's, i make pounds of weed disappear like Makaveli, Cameras follow me, see someone get injured, flash the banger on celebirty uncensored, my rap crew got mays that come in half noons, they come vaccum and clean out my bathrooms, Don hoes love to double team, and bring me to the holidae in like im Chingy, they now my thing bang livers, till i skiet the f*ck off like them ying yang niggas, Me and 9 we take a thousand Vikins, we rich bitch hikin and mountain bikin, bein broke, give me the chill so i keep sellin these pills till im in beverly hills, yea, ill teach you how to never give up, until you got speakers in that truck motherf*cker.

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