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Living In Style Lyrics

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Yea, No dis, but guess wha
Some gal just turn mi off
So mi haffi talk
An mi a see dem an a si dung an a laugh
Dem turn mi off, Frisco cry

Mek mi see di han dem if yuh living in style
If yuh guh Negril guh chill out fi a while
Thru yuh body ready nek a gal blood a boil
Hottie hottie style caan spoil

1. Goody goody ready ready hot gal mi seek
Angel face an di billboard physique
Shape an yuh chest gal a dat have mi weak
Yuh cute pair a dimple an your rosy cheek
Mi love fi see di uhman dem inna bashment cleek
Thru di way how dem dress yuh woulda think dem a freek
Climb dem a climb up di modelling peak
Di way dem a move certain man caan speak


2. Nuh gal caan mek yuh put yuh han pan yuh jaw
A call up yuh name but ask whey dem waan
A talk bout yuh borrow clothes from Lady Saw
But yuh know sey a card dem a draw
Caah a gal waan money an she naah lift a straw
But di whole a dem come when yuh get partner draw
A nuff day mi see dem an mi know dem raw
An a you put food inna dem craw


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Songwriter(s): dave kelly

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