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Been There, Dun Dat Lyrics

Intro :
Well dis is Frisco Kid, an watch yah
Get The procedure going
Because it's going, it's going and it's gone
Well mi notice nuff a dem a move frighten, like Frighten Friday
Dem jus a grab on to some things whey wi dun wid fro way back yestoday
Unnu know wha


Mi see say nuff a dem jus a buss out a di pack
Hey, wi have been there an dun dat
Nuff a dem jus a wear chain an watch
Hey, we have been there an dun dat
Versace suit Moschino whey suh hot
Hey, wi have been there an dun dat
Champagne a buss wid all ice pon top
Hey, wi have been there an dun dat
So wi have been there dun dat
Dem full up a dem big chat
But nuff a dem a big idiot
We have been there dun dat
Dem full up a dem big chat
A to the Kid dem caan chat

1. Well nuff a dem a talk bout gun
Man nuh frighten fi none
Caw dem things deh wi pass an puh dung
With dis one bag a hype whey dem get overnight
Cause nuff a dem fi under di grung
Thru wi nuh head lighten suh wi caan frighten
Wi have tings an gwaan like wi nuh have none
Nuff a dem new to the flex, wi nuh care if dem vex
A vanity a hol dem dung, Frisco Say


2. Suh wi nuh haffi duh whey dem a duh
Fi people see wi all di while
Dem pirate wi pattan an dem a jump inna wi style
An nuh anything whey fit lion fit crocodile
Thru vanity some bwoy blood a boil
But wi a guh show dem who a big man
From who a little child.
Caw flex a bwoy want dem better check out wi file
Tell dem read thru di paper and don't skip a line
Caw dem still inna 89 style


RPT Verse 1

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