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Oh OK Foxx A Million You Already know what it is
And everything I do is exclusive even this beat BJ it's exclusive
You already know what it is Trill Entertainment under dog
You already know everthing I do is exclusive it's a new year look
They can gon cut the check on this one here

I ain't saying I'm the shit right now
But I wear a lot of stuff you can't get right now (exclusive)
You can't get these (not these) [x3] (exclusive)
I ain't sayin you ain't got a lil bread
If I tell you what I'm wearin you'll holla what you said (exclusive)
You can't get these (not these) [x3] (exclusive)

[Verse 1:]
Now you can catch me in some air force ones
Light brown dark brown same color as pecans (exclusive)
Crown holding with the crown on the pocket
The way I'm always wearing coogi you'll think I make a profit (exclusive)
Sunday monday tuesday I be in the gucci
But I don't mean the clothes I'm talking bout the hooptie (exclusive)
Gucci interior in my buick gucci hat gucci belt plus I'm bumpin this music (exclusive)
My skeen shirt name in the artwork
Lotta niggas try to get it but I had the shit first (exclusive)
Different color diamonds all up in the chain
Foxx a mill round the neck just to let em know the name (exclusive)
Hit the barber chair and let the barber do it
I don't want a bald fade I want something exclusive (exclusive)
You can try but you'll never ever get it
I'm a one and only nigga so you really need to quit it (exclusive)


[Verse 2:]
Now you can catch me in some old school j's
Number ones number twos you know from back in the days (exclusive)
Patent leather with the bubblegum bottom
With the jordan on the side naw nigga you ain't got em (exclusive)
I'm in the club smoking some thing real loud
Presidential Webbie standin in a big smoke cloud (exclusive)
Chilling in the VIP with 5 models
Ya'll drinking on the henny we gon pop gold bottles (exclusive)
Chanel shades I ain't get em out the mall
Diamonds hangin out my ear lookin like a tennis ball (exclusive)
Creative recreation on ya boy toes
With the wings on the tip
Naw you ain't heard of those (exclusive)
Wallet chain hanging from my white bauds
White truck white rubber leaving with some white hoes (exclusive)
Now you can try but you'll never ever get it
I'm a one and only nigga so you really need to quit it (exclusive)


[Verse 3:]
Now you can catch me in some shell toe adidas
High top or low mid sippin lean by the liters (exclusive)
Old school with the antique tag
With the flakes in the paint older than ya granddad (exclusive)
She wearing prada pants matching with the shirt
Shirt matching with the shoes shoes matching with the purse (exclusive)
I get lil mama put her legs by her head
I be making up positions when I get up in the bed (exclusive)
Ed hardy but I get the right size
I don't do them tight shirts pants hugging to my thighs (exclusive)
First class everytime ya boy fly
I'm exclusive on the ground
I'm exclusive in the sky (exclusive)
Limo tint that you can't see through
When I'm riding with the Savage Big Head or Boosie Boo (exclusive)
You can try but you'll never ever get it
I'm a one and only nigga so you really need to quit it (exclusive)


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