Jayne Harlett Lyrics

Jayne Harlett was a student of the darkness
Writing scarlet letters to victims of her apartment
Let me let you know how her and I all started
It was a rainy brown fall and I was sitting on a park bench
Black robe covered her from head to toe
With creamy gleaming velvet lips screaming weary woes
There she goes speaking in an unknown prose
Maybe it was just her accent no one will ever know
Tried to look away but I felt called to her mayhem
Gave in figured one night pleasure but I was mistaken
Couldn't tell at first glance she enchanted a romance
By inflicting a trance with plans to demand
Never look back leave behind past times
Leave behind friends and family
But I didn't decline
Can't rightly remember if she walked or stalked up to me
Unluckily I was alone with no company
Figured I try something take a journey
I was yearning for a companion I just came to Jersey
Just looking for a sensation
But repercussions caused cave-ins astray to relations
Startin feeling weird like what am I'm doing here
Maiden of Satan played with my every fascination
Lookin out through the looking glass
Everything started to pass
Came to an intersection with two ways but no direction
Took the path with no markings mentions or protection
Ascension to oblivion she laid me on the bed
Suddenly my clothing disappeared silky sheets of death

[Hook: x2]
Ask yourself how you will ever know
If nothing is something until it starts to grow
But if that thing starts to fester you better cut it off
Amputate before it's too late and you're caught in the eye of the storm

The pleasure that I felt was that of something only God could give
Didn't make any sense I couldn't resist
She kissed me so softly so I kissed her back
That was my downfall now I'm trapped
All I could see was her on top of me
Everything else was gone
Just her and me
Where was I? wild night in the twilight
Like a fight to the end sucked my bones dry
We slept and when I awoke I fell to stigmata
My heart wept in the void darkness, start of a saga
An empty body broken spirit
A torn out of touch mirror image of demonic lust
Harvesting harbinger ring-leader of betrayal
Tapping into every stale ligament with her nails
Very trapped I could only watch these disappearances
Couldn't help myself some kind of out of body experience
Sure it feels like your floating in thin air on something sacred
It's when you get back inside and find your bones are breakin
Fall during the quake and drop another story from the sky
Now you land right on top of yourself and pay for that ride
Dark nights and darker skies with no moonlight or fireflies
Dire times fire side extinguished sight blind
But thankfully for me I was able to set the stage with the fallout
I called out there open the way to be saved
One night before the ritual started I dug into my past examined my previous partners
To be continued
Stay tuned

[Hook x2]

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Record Label(s): 2004 Vigilant Productions

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