Dreams Come True Lyrics

I think they breakin all laws
When they break down the doors
And ass kisses get appalled
When we fight for a cause
And when we spit for some fame to make a name for our families
Then I get blamed for motivating planning its insanity
Please be advised if you live your lives as one big lie
You might as well try a new method of opportunistic
Like flows gets drifted from speaker boxes
My most inter inner visionary symptoms are mystic
I demystify mystery with an intensity
That renders me incapable of anything my obsessing needs
But its healthy to flow over beats that you know
Because you spilled you before were only so-so
Now to let ya'll go it but
One word of thumb
Rule of law
Writ of Habeas
You are a slave to this
Jay Z tripled his words
Sean Combs built an empire
How long will they stay standin after I set a new standard
Fluent is like Mandarin Chinese fortune cookies a sentiment statement
I don't know you
You are just my acquaintance
Me and my few apostles or you can call them accomplices
We all go all out insomnia with a blunt or a bong to hit
Put on your winter gear cause drama drops like cold thermometers
Everyday new phenomenons for us to later dwell upon
It takes years to get where ya peers at
Hopefully in the aftermath you up your current habitat


That been said
I gotta write for my life
Every night I know I gotta wake up to the same sights
I also know that fame is more than sellin out stadiums
And I hate radio-actives so don't call me uranium
Trainin my mind to break on through
To the other side where worlds collide and dreams come true

Pretty much what I'm gettin at is I'm hotter
New age Marvin
Nobody listens they want new age garbage
If I cared about ya gun I'm come see it for myself
Don't wanna hear it I'm near it everyday
Everyday it's felt
So take these broken strings
I need your ears to come and hear me
Once again so I get signed in my crimes
New Jersey Underground Compilation not fakin
Pure lyrics you heard the clip but now you are waitin
To be taken to higher levels or lower than the devil's throne
Watch how I just got in the zone
So prepared to be blown away
Stay ten steps back from the caution tape
From the caution tape I make walkin away a big mistake
Keeping it trill is no debate for this new Yankee Southerner
New to dirty Jersey from dirty places under ya
It's that raw regulatory combusting and rusting windpipes
Who try to imitate and infiltrate my hind sight
I got so much sick shit I've been quarantined
Got so many radical followers I'm like tyrannical regimes
I wonder how can I pull the world over fake emcees eyes
And the rug from out from under
If I was ever considered rap I'd give all the money back
If I every spit some wack shit that's an impossible act or feat
So set discreet up to the mic battling and travelin to venues
To let ya'll know what's happenin


Could never phase
I save my ideas like Memorex
I wouldn't stop flowing if I was brain dead in a fender wreak
Intersect pin arrest for a little offense
Little regrets I didn't again but I flipped out like tourettes
Cursin the police with a short leash and long wood
Impose phantom patrols who stealth without a pulse
Undetectable unreceptable unexpectedly being expected by a suspecting executive
Effective immediately your gonna need some special abilities
When your whole body is filled with an organic breathin utilities
Speed and agility leave when they're filmin me
Come back with unreason and artillery
Camouflage mystery mirroring your misery
Writing the recipe of destiny as I hold history
With gavel in hand
I travel the land
Reduce mountains to gravel
Gravel to sand
Take my hand and decode the Fortran
It's more than the simple things you see that's important
Never believe what you hear only half of what you see
Cause more than a hundred percent of TV doesn't apply to me
Revolver un-holstered spitting rhymes like lead
Any down talking head gets knotted in his own dread
Bad Samaritan trash from Maryland
I lack melanin but I command and conquer like Americans

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Record Label(s): 2004 Vigilant Productions

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