Internal Thoughts Lyrics

Internal Thoughts
(In god we trust....but in gats we lust
and the best magical trick
that was ever performed
was the one that never been seen)

(Chorus 2x):
They got me lost in thought, confusing n*ggas
Acting like they some cold blooded killers from New York
And I'm like whoa, cock back pop and reload
Laughing at they top explode....when they top explode

Two tears in a bucket f*ck it, F take it to the streets like teen summit
Damn I done - done it
Popping off at coke spots poppy gave me weak rocks
Damn I made his knees knock loud kabooms for tryna
Disrespect the kid like he can't get wet up
He should've shut up now my sawed off is fed up
Double O buck or double O nine, yall see how
Double O seven don't play with you f*ckers
Make a false move, it'll be your last dude
I'll eat your food similar to hannibal
Peel your cap back then fry pieces and eat it I told you not to
F*ck with the beast or better yet the bandit
Cause bandit is a sick man, I will dump hollows or any of yall
F*cking plans, oh you the man, if I approach you with this ham
Bet you the first one to scram

(Chorus 2x)

(Verse 2):
I hear these hater popping ishh but they ain't stopping sh*t
That 40 cal will pop and make it hot on your or my block
I keep that blicky cocked off safety
I stay humble yall n*ggas wanna rumble then lets thump
I bet I make you tumble then fall back, flat on your back
I got a quick flash punch soon as you blink your done
Thats what you son of b*tches get for thinking I don't get down
I will put a whipping on you clowns
Yall don't really wanna get down and I doubt you wanna see the hulk smash
Or clash with the titan, I box orthodox so who wanna rock who wanna rock
Who wanna catch a eye jammy or a speed knot
I'm optimus crime and its more than meets the eye so don't
F*ck with Oc unless you wanna get your top pop and I ain't talking
Bout soda pop

(Chorus 2x)

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Record Label(s): 2012 Brickstack Records

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