Icontrol Lyrics

(Oh yeah...Bricka
Oh yeah...Sticka)

(chorus 2x):
I can go where no man can boldly go,
I control no man controls me yo
Front on F, then your a** will be comatose
Your a** will be comatose

I'm off the chain I'm in the hood selling raw caine
I want dollars no change Bens and Franklins
My close friends they told me stay away from phonies
Fetti some of your homies are straight up creeps
I bet they try to catch you in your sleep on some freddy sh*t
So don't dream, get your fetti up and zoom
Haters hate oh well I let them hate on I got my weight on
So now my weights up you fake f*cks relate what
Mad cause my papes up, yall some police lovers calling the jake up
I ain't point fingers or nothing but some of you G's are
Mischief are snaked up informants for the paper
I ain't with the snitching I spit a lungy in a cop eye and tell you
The devils a lie, so don't try crooked I and I ain't talking bout St. Ives
Try I get punched in the eye

(chorus 2x)

(Verse 2):
I told you n*ggas before I'm me, I told you n*ggas before I'ma G
So f*ck you n*ggas if you don't like me I said
F*ck you b*tches if you don't like me I said
I don't get paid for worrying bout haters worrying bout me
If hating on me gon' pay off then
Do yall cause F ain't fake, never could hate on the next n*gga with big plans
This is my plan I'm tryna get rich b*tch, to all yall haters and perpetrators
Eat a d*ck, F about paper never I could be a snitch
You can just call me the blair witch when I twitch
Ohh sh*t another hit, its the bandit done did it again
Now who want beef cause F got heat and F don't play with them
So tell me why they wanna play with me
Cause I'm the twin of willie ding, f*ck with the kid I'ma take it there
Tell you the truth I'm wild like coco beware, I run with lions tigers and bears
My bricks is stacked so you haters better beware, you haters better beware

(chorus 2x)

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Record Label(s): 2012 Brickstack Records
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