War Muzik Lyrics

[Intro: Fes Taylor]
Sound like some Two 4 shit right now
We need some War Musik and shit
Me, I'm just speaking for my hood and shit
Yeah, Two 4...

[Chorus x2: Fes Taylor]
My chains, my things, no we not the same
My Wolf Pack Gang, on top of the game
In the hood I'm a King, y'all box in my ring
On blocks hustling rocks plus, blocks of the bing

[Fes Taylor:]
Only nigga ever slapped me was the doctor when I was born
Yea, my Pops gave me vodka when I was born
My Uncle Walt, he's been locked up since I was born
In and out of jail, like lockers in the dorm
My moms got through him and worked, bopped for Voutton
Taylor watch for the goons lurk, octopus arms
I dare a nigga touch mines, I played the front lines
Where fiends crush dimes, turn 'em into white lines
Like the middle of the street, I play the middle of the beat
When don't understand you, you riddle when you speak
It's brittle as teeth, if it's beef then kill him where he sleep
Know niggaz that'll grill him for a G
I was with him for a week till a nigga turned cheek
Know a nigga burn leafs, swear the nigga earn cheap
Every time a nigga speak, try to hate on my team
Send him 56 plus 58 banks on my team
58s in my sleeves, I'm just chasing my dream
My life crazy, I wish I could erase what I seen
Niggaz shook when they facing the beam
Raps fiends, my lines dope so you could go and lace it in between

[Chorus x2]

[Fes Taylor:]
The only nigga ever took a bitch from me
Cause I took her to church, she went and turned Christian on me
So I respect that, I took a step back
Now I'm bout to shit on the world like Exlax
Blue and orange Mets hat, out of East Orange
Probably invest in that, I'm in a vest strapped, kinda like Fredro Starr
Gil took me to the lot, looking like a got a jet for a car

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