Frank Enstein Lyrics

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I've been watching the new guy in school
I know he's shy, but I think he's cool
He's tall with broad shoulders, has a cute stutter
Although he's older my heart flutter
How He shines...Frank Enstein

All my friends keep saying I'm a fool
He's teased and taunted, He's ridiculed
I see beyond all his discolored skin
Every part, piece by piece, makes him, him
I don't mind...he's Frank Enstein

Wanna date With Frankenstein
He's first rate He's just sublime
Oh yeah, that Frankie stein

He's so sweet…That goofy smile
those square feet, so out of style
unrefined, Frank Enstein

Yesterday he came walking my way
Looked in my eyes and started to say
You're really pretty, do I have a chance
To take you out to our High School dance?
On Cloud nine...Frank Enstein

Got a date with Frankenstein
I can't wait˜til he is mine
Oh yeah, that Frank Enstein
He's so sweet That goofy smile
Those square feet so NOT in style
unrefined, Frank Enstein

Now I don't kiss and tell
But I'll tell you this,
Frankie's the kind of guy you'll always miss
He never pulls tricks, he's always a treat
And let's not forget about his giant feet!
Let's not forget about his giant feet!
Let's not forget about his ginormous feet!

Had my date With Frankenstein
was first rate,˜cause he's sublime
Oh yeah, that Frankie stein

He's so sweet! That goofy smile
those square feet! so NOT in style
Now he's mine, Frank Enstein
Get in line! Frank Enstein
He's ALL mine! Frank Enstein

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