Rocks Off! Lyrics

I came to get my rocks off...
Right there, right there.
I came to get my rocks off...
Ahh you hit the spot, baby.
I came to get my rocks off...
I came to get my rocks off...

I came to get my rocks off,
Knock the boots and the socks off,
I hope the pussy ain't burnin' like hot sauce.
I got my jimmy hat, come on and gimme that,
Hairy bloody Mary, hopin' that it's plenty fat.
Bend your ass over cuz I'm goin' in the rectum,
Balls in your mouth, yeah I expect them,
To be juggle, jiggle, wiggle, and shakin',
Ain't no fakin', cuz I'm down for pussy dickin'.
Got my dick in yo' mouth, all by your gums,
I wanna see ya hum, cuz I wanna see me cum.
Niggas try to cock block cuz I make they hoes hot,
She's got my dick in her mouth!

I came to get my rocks off...(4x)

Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, that's what you is to me,
Let a nun suck my dick, and the preacher man see.
Get buck wild, I like to f**k doggy style.
And do it in the alley, slam dunkin' like Sally,
With the funk comin' from the female,
Pressed on Lee nails, and yet still the pussy smells.
These are the tales, the freaky tales,
And a stanky pussy bitch can go to hell.
Yeah, Esham's back the unholy black devil,
Take a stanky bitch to that other level.
Ain't no shame, ain't no shame in the hoe,
Make me came from where I cum from, bitch give me a blow,
And let her know, it don't pay to be a hoe,
Cuz I run up in your pussy like the big foe,
I came to get my rocks off.

I came to get my rocks off...(4x)

I came to get my rocks off, big bust big nuts,
What's up sluts, hoe, tramp, bitch suck dick all day.
Knotty long, dick gone bone, king kong,
Get more pussy than a dyke on a dirt bike,
Don't like, what I'm talkin' 'bout,
Put my dick up in your mouth.
Skezzer, hoe pleaser, pussy teaser.
Throw a bitch in the trunk, bumpin' that funk.
Hang my nuts on the coconut tree, suck my D-I-C-K,
All day, f**k the KKK.
Shoot a nut like a AK.
Spray the whole f**kin' block,
A tick tock and you don't stop,
When you're suckin' my cock.
I came to get my rocks off.

I came to get my rocks off...(9x)

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