They Don't Love You (freestyle
Emilio Rojas


They Don't Love You (freestyle) Lyrics

They don't love you less they need you
These motherf*ckers full of shit, they so deceitful
Game is full of devils tryna sell us on the evils
Acting like it's a movie when it's really just a preview
Show youtryna bring the drama in, hoping you get stressed out
yelling out and flexing, you just standing with your chest out
Ok, ok, we all got lifted, I was lifting
And went up in my sales but my sales all looking windy
They taking shots and missing, they just gave me every mission
I ain't tryna be like Pac, I don't wanna be the victim
f*ck about opinions, I won't 'fess
All your friends are fronting acting like they got your back
And I don't ever bite my f*cking tongue, I let them have it
Bet I'mma stand my ground, I never run, I might be planning
'Cause I legitimize
Ok, ok
You know the real what I epitomize
Ok, ok
These motherf*ckers all telling white lies
You see the truth is getting gentrified
Yeah, this generation is the first to have its pictures bought
If you catch her cheating at least she did it with a god
I know your motives just by looking at you in the eye
How you lie to living, every night that you live a lie
Yeah, that's why I watch 'em all go
I'm standing with the crew, we scanning rooms like bar codes
We all are working backwards down this turn of charcoal
How you find yourself in a room full of lost souls?
My heart's cold and nobody warming it up
I'mma get it the minute I'm winning and I ain't gonna give it to no one but us
I'm thinking the way to be living iswith no one to trust
That's why I show my ass instead of showing love

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