Spite Lyrics

Young Venezuelan, first generation
Mami a New Yorker, my papi immigrated
I know ‘bout survival dog, I'm not intimidated
I don't bow to anybody, I ain't kneelin' when I'm prayin'
Nah, hunger pangs that give me stress and aches
So I cut some people off to give my blessings space
How you gon' get an answer when you question fate?
From now on, I'm bein' petty, I'm gon' mention names
Listen, I've seen the Louvre, I've seen the City Opera
I've been driven through the jungles, I went through Caracas
I paid a bribe to get my watches back from dirty coppers
In the Venezuelan slums and policia run around with dirty choppers
Don't f*ck with Hugo Chavez, we don't f*ck with Hugo Boss
Run around in Jordan ones ‘cause I'm too hood for Louboutins
I don't get attached, nah, I'm too good at movin' on
I don't trust a soul man, I pull out with a condom on
I seen my homies get caught up with different vices
You a vic, come to my hood and we quote you different prices, right?
I got angels and demons inside of my clique
And I could f*ck your dream girl and treat her like my side chick
I'm a little Drake, a little Pun, I define all ya all-stars on TDE
Mixed into one, I stand my ground, now I don't ever run
If I start it, I'mma finish it, I get it done
Yeah, I said I get it done, get it with no help at all
Yeah, I almost died out on that flight out to L.A., ain't get one f*ckin' call
All of y'all were callin' me fam but where the f*ck were y'all
I won't let you suck me dry, you could suck my f*ckin' balls
Nothing preventin' me from living, nah
Yeah, I cheated death like y'all was cheatin' on your women, nah
Yeah, every breath I take remindin' me being here a privilege
When I say I want that foreign, I don't mean no Honda Civic
I got bitches I ain't textin' back, businesses is sendin' packs of weed a day
I ain't even smokin' ‘cause they hopin' I'mma rep they brand
Homies doin' time for P's, don't never get them seconds back
I done came up different, where I from, you earn respect
There ain't no handouts, all them cats is rep a flag or rep a gang
All these kids is out on Instagram, lettin' they weapons bang
But I'm not the type to see that bullshit and be entertained
I've been swimmin' with them sharks, you just surfin' every wave
Hoes is in my section but I'm textin' when they're sippin'
'Cause I'm focused on that money that I'm gettin', ‘bout my business
I'm careful with my bread and with my time and how I invest
So you ain't talkin' ‘bout interest rates, then I don't got no interest, nah
My taste expensive, I've got dough to make
I need another car, I'm tryna own a f*ckin' motorcade
Listen, I got Suvi, I got Prada, I got golden chains
I got thirty thousand dollars' worth of tattoos on my shoulder blades
And I pull up in the Roc and I'm like royalty
You lookin' at my bank account, I'm lookin' at your loyalty
‘Cause now I need them fearin' me, f*ck if they're respectin' me
I don't give a damn about one check, nah, I want equity
And pretty women bat they eyes but only f*ck and never satisfy
I just want a bag that I can give my kids when daddy dies
Nowadays I lie awake at night and I just strategize
How you gonna manage money? You can't even manage time
I done been in phantoms, I done been in Raris
I been audited ‘cause I paid only cash when I bought all these
I done broken hearts of vixen bitches, everybody want it
‘Cause I rather say goodbye and keep it movin' than say sorry, nah
You know you poppin' when they plottin' on your spot
Jaws droppin' when that valet pull that car back on the lot
Yeah, now I'm in the gym since I recovered from that clot
That almost killed me and cats is reachin' out like I forgot
I got my weight up, now I don't got no patience, ain't no wait up
Can't underrate me, don't respect them people that gon' rate us
Give a f*ck about the critics, I'm just worried ‘bout this paper
When I get it, best believe I'm gon' change up, yeah
I'm gon' change my f*ckin' number, I'm gon' change my home address
I'm gon' change my email and my bank to private client man, I'm gon' invest
And if the cats that I'm around ain't even grow one bit
I'm gon' change my closest friends with no regrets

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