Hiiipower (freestyle)
Emilio Rojas


Hiiipower (freestyle) Lyrics (ft. Grafh)

Visions of che guevarra just staring at me
Affected people but legislation is barely lettin
Yeah we got a handful of senators but no president, nah
Cause the politiciants ain't acting like representatives, nah
And they send the sentence in, to checkin us and then censor us
As they see us all as amigos, white people keep on resenting us
They built that tension up in your may day and that may day
Officers is start maylays and they kicking us at they paylace
And that pay days ain't rockin, killing us as the pioneers
Open fire like cowards, agression is just a sign of fear
And they shot an immigrant dead I see him just lyin there
And another one hit in the head, they don't even try and care
And they just service, living condition worse and
Got us waiting inside a home depot who see who's working
Huh, who you think gonn pick all them vegetables that you purchase, huh
10 of us in tanomous, trembling with no furnace, huh
Construction workers, house keepers and service
Mami got a degree but she work with laundry detergent
And letting business man harass but all the minute man
You from the third world, then you a second class citizen
If you black and brown, then the racist judge
Saying back down, and if you refuse em
Then you get bruise from their abuse and they smack us down
And they wanna love our food and our women, but hey how spanish ...
They don't want us in the school with they children, they kick our asses out
Economist in the common sense of the racism
First the cia then comin in the corporations
And then the us puppet government and ageration
They rape our resources and exploit us for our labor
We flee into the states to search a better life and wages
And work below the minimum cause they don't gotta pay us
Right, we getting sick but we ain't getting no medication
We stay out of the hospitals, avoiding the deporation
So I ain't funny no irs, why invest in that iron nest
When they wanna see us all lying dead
And the cartels are run by the feds
The war on drugs it's just a war on us
So authorities can hunt us up
And keep the borders borded shut
They makin sure they get a cut at they cakin
A flat bed truck is just a modern day slave shit
They make more paper if they work has got no papers
And they ship us up before we plead our cases
Cause they got high power

Visions of martin luther lookin at me
Cause he had a dream and it just seems
I had a dream, but mine's flooded with demons Dreaming they should attack me
But I look at michele and obama lookin happy
I got the same smile he got, cause and a kettle black
Nah I'm talking bout a tea pot
Erything full of makers, especially erything that we got
The walls look strong
The sheets are made of steep rock nigga
You can't suit and tie me, I'm huey lutman
You try and do karate, but I'm shoot exotic
You stupid, is you on mollies
I'm ruthless, assuming pilates
Went to school and go party...but found a luminati
In the stood...y'all assume they probably use the computer to crucify me, judas
Julianis you ain't romney, fin to work it out, do pilates
Straight cutie, till the feds shoot me
If you don't like what I said, sue me
White cops beat a black man ass
They don't get fired, they get demote from death duty
Yes truly, they put...rock a vest
Just to watch a wild wild west movie
The hood is a stage but it sound check trulies
It used to be neuces and now neck jewelries
And I still got my chains on, just another statistic
I'm just another trademark
Just another beefing me to talk about racism
Just another nigga, tryina pull a race card
Just another flashy ass rapper, in a race car
Fresh to death, best dressed than a graveyard
Word to mama, black girl
You don't even focus, you wanna model
But all you show is emotions
And insecurities showing all of your posers
You're such a beautiful soul and you don't even nodes
You don't even nodes, white girls on the magazines
Make black girls wanna point at your noses
It's where the truth drops, I ain't good for all of the self esteem
It's just you got, well I'm tryina get your boots knocked
Butt ass naked in tube socks
If you ain't looking for truth,
You on google, still looking for 2pac
You too distracted, a field in a field an inadequate
You adaptive, you need me to tell you attractive,
Baby, I've been a victim of racism
It's cops on me, I'd probably make a great chicken
And I look great in that upstate prison
I wanted to spit in his face
But then it dripped the thing on his waist
And I done became the victim
Change the game if you can't change the system
Think bigger, think smarter, get gutter
I never hate, I lust to indulge in culture
I can love any creed the love I way my brother
But black is beauty and I love my color
That's high power, ah
Baby that's high power.

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