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I'm the man boy
I'm the man boy
Imma always end up with the upper hand boy
Shit dont always pan out just the way I plan boy
This shit work in ways that I can't understand boy

I'm the man boy
I'm the man boy
Imma always end up with the upper hand boy
Shit dont always pan out just the way I plan boy
Life just work in ways that I can't understand boy

This my tempo yuh
Found my tempo yuh
Only interested in moving monumental yuh
Bigger dreams and bigger things been on my mental yuh
Everybody stuck on being sentimental
That's your old shit
This my new shit
And my ego is bigger than a cruise ship
All the time in the world and you don't do shit
I produced it, then I juiced
Squeeze it for the clout, then I'm out
Got a good amount, got all of the tokens falling out, of my bank account
I know I been on a different route, than they talk about
Negativity is not allowed, in my inner cloud
Vegas to the boonies of the Philippines
Internationally I be killing things
I won't stop until I got a trillion v's
Travel round the world until I got my visa's

Breakin through the ceiling of the glass house
They gassin me so much, I'm finna pass out
The last thing imma do is try to lash out
Look into the mirror I see a cash cow
I still gotta prove it to my old folks
And buy a million dollar house on both coasts
Proud to say I'm reading everyday
And I believe in what I say that I'm a product of all those quotes
Successes on successes on successeses
I'm just trusting what my first impression is
I prefer to send out silent messages
Before you put your feet up, know who's desk this is


Bet there was a moment back in time when you thought you knew me
Thinkin you can jump back in my life but I'm not your homie
I been through this bullshit everytime that they pop up on me
I see through the bullshit cuz you Tryna make a profit on me

BRRRR yea that's the money talking through the billfold
BRRRR, yea money called me up to say I'm still cold
BRRRR, yea I just had to chillout on that chill flow
BRRRR, yea test me and I pop like a Galil brooooo
I'm back again, yes I am prestiging
Immaculate, planning when I'm schemin
Don't recommend hanging with your demons
Cuz if you entertain em they'll be back like every evening

Aww yea, I'm the truth boy, I do not embellish
Aww yea, I got better things, what you tryna sell us?
Aw yea, I get everything, that shit make you jealous
Aw yea, is there anything that you wanna tell us?

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