Hidden Knowledge
Elmer Abapo
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Dress like me
Never met a muthaf*cka fresh like me, huh?
That's why we
Walk up to the club and they check ID
I'm the young boy, hotter than the sun boy
Runnin through the desert with my crew, that's a convoy
Told you I'm the one boy
Why you actin dumb, boy?
Told you not in my house, you call me matumboy
You should hold your tongue boy
Just pause for a moment
Spitting hidden knowledge even gods wouldn't know it
Uhhhhhhh, eyes getting lowered
All I really do is speak until my thoughts are unloaded
I don't wanna tell you bout it
Only if you FXKN with me
You would prolly go to hell with out it
All your boys look like puppets to me

Turn up turn up, Tina Turner
Driving a convertible
I'm drivin wit my top down and I never heard of you
I'm going going going up you better check my vertical
I'm comin comin comin comin down I'm comin down to murder you
God level, thunder strike, hands up in the air
Kamehamehamehameha I'm going way up
I've been Saiyan, made a million dollars in my head now
Is it just a question of how long it take to get now?
Speak it to fruition, speak it to fruition
I Filter and condition through a Million dollar vision
I gave up on the bitchin cuz the shit is not efficient
I just said it, then I get it, then I go for an addition
I need more now
If I said it, then my word become the law now
Oh you worn out, but before you go now
Prayer hands one time for the lord now
I'm searching for a higher meanin, the highest high, the higher ceiling, a flight to Eden, fruit of knowledge
I'm living flawless, I'm king of all this, I demolish
A polished artist, You livin godless
You think you heartless, but that's as far as
The bottom of the bottle of the alcohol is
But you think ball is
But I could never blame you
I thought the same till my higher conscious came through
I'm tryna build a legacy to leave my name to
I ain't the same dude
They say the money gon change you
I just know the money's something I ain't chained to
Money set me free, let me do what I can't do
I Do what you can't do, I'm doing everything they tell me it's insane to
I ain't afraid to
Boy I ain't afraid
Watch me do what you can't do

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Songwriter(s): Elmer Abapo
Record Label(s): 2018 HBTC Entertainment
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