New York Minute Lyrics

In a New York Minute
There's only sixty seconds
But so much can happen in it
And time is infinte
So somethin's always happenin'
While I'm rappin' in
In a New York Minute

[Verse 1]
Start's of with a scream, a lady
I turn my head a super being
He took a pocket book in between, his arms
I heard a siren, alarm
Inna the midst of chaos
I was still calm
As he was headed my way
Gassed like Remi I'm leaded
But it's not the highway
So I stuck out my foot
And this really put
Him in a bad situation
Cause now he's facin'
An on comin' taxi cab
There was more blood than a Maxi pad
His career had ended
The cab was rear ended
The next car was tail gaitin'
The fiend through up in the air was impaled by a nearby gate an'
He spoke the words of a five year old (I want my mommy)
Ten seconds later, his body was cold

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Every since I was born, was told New York minutes
Are quick to turnin' port holes to those who walkin' in it
Usually happens to those who walk bented
Attractin' beef unconciously like they all wid it
Stayin' alive is a virtue
When you run into Tom Dick & Harry
That'll willingly hurt you
Tom's an airline stewardess eatin' food servin' you
Dick's a cemetery attendant earnin' funds buryin' you
And Harry just doesn't got all his marbles in him
Thinks he's on the same level as devils and argues wid 'em
Blows is thrown at first, but a recent new cocaine habit
got you not knowin' it hurts, these
Certain extra strength Tylenol tablets make you
Virtually turn into a mayonaisse backless
These certain movies turn the lead act to the actress
Put Jason on you I suggest you leave outta rappin'
One to the head and, two the legs then
Just to verify ya dead at times
Plans to stay home'll probably be the best
Stay on ya toes, don't become a casualty of stress
In a New York Minute!
A nigga could stop breathin'
In a New York Minute!
A baby could start teethin'
In A New York Minute!
Limbs get cut off for reachin'
In a New York Minute!
Niggas get caught sleepin'
In a New York Minute!
Can't find out who ya friends are
In a New York Minute!
Won't find out where the rest are
In a New York Minute!
Drug dealers lose all of they supplies
In a New York Minute!
And then find who's devils in disguise
In a New York Minute!
Shit can go up into flames
Wid no eye witnesses givin' out any names
In a New York Minute you can be awright
But the next New York Minute ya die
A New York Minute

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