A Night At Grant's Tomb Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Started out the night wid a blast
Ridin' down Grant's Tomb in shotgun position
wid my Tims on the dash, frontin' a little somethin'
but ain't no haps in the Tombs
if you ain't hold stacks ya feelin' me?
Ain't that wack?, I'm in the eighty five a celebrity
Stuck in between Ac' Legendary and Beamers standin' ahead of me
Gettin' no love, so off to find a park and beware
cause our priority and temper is hidin' behind the tint
As we rolled up to the parkin'
I rose up from my passenger seat to find a pair of eyes sparklin'
I froze up and my mind began darkenin'
What what wha-what wha-what what what what what

[Hook: scratchin of]
"Baby won't you be mine"
"YOU!,YOU! Can't keep-keep runnin'"
"Cause you the love of my life"

[Verse 2]
It seems to me
that every chick I step to in my lifetime ends up deceivin' me
Oh well it ain't gonna hurt
but gettin' jerked is a way of life for flirts
I like taxes and perks, ya have to pay the price
Let me see what she's all about
Hold up, I don't wanna run off at the mouth
So let me find out what I'ma talk about
But lettin' this chick walk up out is outta the question
So I ask my man for suggestions
He told me chicks ain't worth stressin'
So now he got me second guessin'
But I know I have to get her
She noticed my eyeballs undress her
Now throughout the pressure I had to say somethin'
Or stay sufferin', I played it off and stood shut and
Sat on the trunk divided the point a man from inside me
and stood back up, perfect timin' guess what
For my mind to begin darkenin'

"Baby won't you be mine"
"YOU!,YOU! Can't keep-keep runnin'"
"Just like a dream come through"

"Baby won't you be mine"
"YOU!,YOU! Can't keep-keep runnin'"
"Cause you the love of my life"

[Verse 3]
My peeps is laughin' at me, remindin' me, of my past history
And how I didn't care about no girls dissin' me
But usually I'd be alright in a similar situation
but my brain remains darkenin'
But a ray of light allows me to see through her
Allowin' me to speak to her, you know something?
All it really takes is me simply introducin' myself
So I put her on on how I made a fool of myself
She said a man wid no confidence is a man she don't need
And swiftly deaded me like {??} dream
It's time to rehabilitate the darkness my mind creates


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