Statutory's Half The Story Lyrics

The situation's f**ked up once again but different drama
Sluts like to pretend but get turned to baby mommas
So I'mma stick to stick and mingle with singles
This bitch was tricking me. ID said 19 but the height looked a little to big to me
She's looking 16 I almost broke out and passed through
But then I saw her back and noticed she had a tattoo
She's at least 18 so my mind state started changing
In retrospect the dime wasn't worth the time that I'm facing
But I was like f**k it cause dimes don't come a dime a dozen
Especially in buffalo they scrubbing or got one in the oven
So I took my chances I must of lost my mind
But shes so fine all I can think about is her becoming pantless
So honey hop your ass in you want a night of passion
We'll crash at my pad and pull out the pull out and pull out before I blast in
Cause I don't want no seeds so lets proceed like Quest love with no glove
And then we got into it. This bitch was leaking lots of fluid
She never said no she said go and moved her to the bed floor
And just as I'm about to bust she whispers something drastic
She's only 16 and late nights get her ass kicked
I jumped up starred down really wanted to smack the bitch
But blue and black from a fist doesn't click with woman rights activists
She told me don't worry everything's gonna be fine
Next day statutory rapist made the new at nine

And it just goes to show that any hole just aint worth it
Cause now I locked up a rapist waiting for a verdict
She didn't get knocked up shit I pulled out before I spurted
Statutory's half the story I hate the way its worded

Now it's the next day and of course I got the call
The cops coming to arrest me this lay wasn't worth it all
I'm up against the wall by the time they hit the door (SE)
Coming in for questions but wound up handcuffed going to they car
Now were at the precinct people looking weary and strange
They hated my tattoo talk on theory of age
They said it wont hold up in courts and I'm just a sick f**k
How did I get into this? Well its just my luck
Apparently, when she got home she called up a friend
Her parents got on another phone and were listening in
She gave up my first and last name and where I took her after
She wasn't upset actually most of the time spoke with laughter
But her father was pissed thinking of his daughter getting railed
So he called up the police and in turn they brought me to jail
And I wish I could take it back but that's the funny thing about time
But you have to convince your mind that there's no changing that


A few months pass by and I show up on the court date
She's talking how I forced her before she never thought rape
Even crying tears somebody's got her mind changing
Now I'm looking at time before it was a fine and probation
Staring in amazement I not only got played but tricked
Knew I was the rapper the guy they can't wait to convict
Told em bout the fake ID and I told em where I met her
The only response I got is that I should've known better (SE)
I knew this to be true but I just made a mistake
But this is one of those mistakes that you just can erase
There's no sympathy for me just for the scandalous bitch
So think twice cause its really hard to try and handle this
Ahh Shit

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