From Hell Lyrics

I spent most of my teens aggrevated through youth
Fabricated the truth and barricaded the booth
I'm glad that I made it since I salivated here's proof
I spit the shit to hit your click or bitches with sickness
So when I flip the script I'm kicking nothing but swiftness
This is it here's a tip for when I quit so don't forget this
I'm the man, but only of the hour
Got plans to devour people that are acting phony or are cowards
Wanna play Dicapprio in basketball and run through flowers
Come with better aim than the planes that ran through the towers
A veteran in my own right just look at the way I hold mics
I'm cold as Ice like Choclair; don't close the light the darks near
I spark fear in fakes drive and steer without brakes (SE)
Even in the outtakes got the hotness to drought lakes
Or oceans for that matter I'm as potent as crack batter
Losing time like Aaron Stampler or The Mad Hadder
My primal fear is rhyming here without and ear to listen to me
People acting brave but yellow as the liquid that is pissing through me
Sorry to have to break up your plans for me dropping
My disc gets spun like candy cotton you must be drunker than Andy Totman
If you think I'm falling off and rotten this aint the Rascals
Its Haskill asshole that's most often forgotten
So tap your memory, remember me through the century
An entity sent to be a friend to few who's the enemy

I told you, told you I'm hotter than hell
I cast the first stone the day Lucifer fell
Even though I got my sins I'm still in this to win this
So until I'm finished I'm holding off on my penance

It started off as nothing much but when the pen hit the pages
Became contagious spit with razors kick to phrases to amazement
I'm the Man....As stated in the last verse
I'm sick like afterbirth my lines are full price yours are half the worth
I'll smack the nurse Ms. Hatchett with the ratchet by my left thigh
Got a plastic prophylactic, wasn't helping left eye
The day that Lefty died Joe Pistone went for home
Wait it was Sonny Black funny fact cut from the version that was shown
Coercion of the dome as I roam through nature
Spread my nomenclature said I liked ya but I've grown to hate ya
Erase ya like I'm Arnold Swartzenagger Light amplicator like Laser
An acronym I'm rappin in now what the f**k is happening
I'm snapping in out of the movies kiss the booty
Find Lotto from 8 mile give back the diss that he threw me
That's right I'm from the beaver land 3 hours east of Cleveland
Or 6 hours northwest if you're a Derek Jeter fan
I'll show you how to beat a man but not casino with bats
An MC known to meet em greet em eat em as snacks
Bitches at up get mistreated with smacks (SE)
I'm conceited so when I'm heated I can breath and melt wax
And I'm not from Melmax that's Alf I'm one of hells batch that's svelte
A human being teaming with the demon of self

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