Sagittarius Rapp Lyrics

Sex is the reason that we all exist
See the stars made love in primordial mist
Way before the abyss, generated Genesis
The endless kiss, when the Gods put they lips on the galaxy
Stimulating universal energy
Magically, sexually, life was spread rapidly
Vasectomy to decimate the legacy is futile
Whenever I write, I give life to a new child
The music sound nubile
I'm fit to have sex with rap, and probably procreate a new style
Spermatazoa devoted to searching the biological ocean for controllin the ovum
Further than Omega, flow goes extra
Milelage, cause everything is sex & violence
Jet for seclusion and refuge in choosin
The best loops avoided
Lex Coupes and toys and
Techs and tools that infect the school systems
Paint new rhythms like Picasso usin Cubism
New prisms for your eyesight to explore
My life's with Adam & Eve?, the sex for
Connect your rhymes with minds like an amoeba
We could either follow the leader or follow procedures
Either eat it before you secrete a seed in between her
Or leave her screamin fiendin beneath her to please her deeper
So many ways to sex it, with amazing methods
I never paid to get it, I was made to wreck it
I ain't afraid to bless it, cause I slay protected
On stage I'm nekkid, the way I was created (Check it!) At a show capacity was two hundred forty
Did it to the crowd it was a new sorta orgy
Them other brothers before me approached it kind of corny
So I when I grabbed a shorty yo she wasn't even war for me
That made me more horny, I like a challenge so
Started to alter the definition of a talent show
I knocked it off like a gallon pro
Hit it and switched positions
Lovin this mic, got a rich tradition
Yeah the baddest of the best was affectionate
Romance and bodily kisses before sexin it
Slow dance and pay for the meal, just like a gentleman
Treat her like a lady, hold the door before you let her in
Mental medicine, pencillin for whatever villian infected the mic
With metaphysics with syphillus in it
Cynical critics script it as if I ain't f*ckin it right
But all they do is masturbate, they never was touchin the mic
Bust it and slide man, that ain't my style
Get permission before stickin and stay a while
When you hit it it was rape, plus you spit in her face
Talkin shit in the place like youse addicted to base
With upliftment, patience is passe to rapmade
Sing like an usspay that stinks like an ashtray
On this microphone better watch what that ass say
So everybody don't catch AIDS, in the last days

Be careful with this shit!

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