Primitive Plus Lyrics

Primitive plus futuristic equals
Powerful effects to progress the people
(People buy records cause I reckon they beckon
To belong to a song that makes the soul strong)
Strong as an ox I belong in a box
That is battery-powered and portable, plus recordable
(Recordable and audible to navigate the nautical
Arsenals of artisans were parted into particles)
Particles of artifacts inherited from archetypes
Who used to rock the parks at night
Led to Kris Parker types
(Types of trouble like a puzzle baffles brains
And as the pain obliterates your innocence
You start to lose the little kids)
A little kid is what I feel like
When the beat it brings me delight
After darkness comes the daylight
9 to 5's will never pay right
(Right or left, it's life or death
It's like a breath before you dive
Into the depths of faith
Beyond the path that you can estimate)
Estimate the best a tape has ever sounded
Rounded to the nearest metaphor
My equal sign is way ahead of yours
(Yours truly forcefully scorched bullies
Thoughtfully brought goodies
To the batter's box
To form a paradox)
My paradox'll lead to a paragon
You should not compare Edan
To a pitch hitter, call me trendsetter
(A trendsetter with a vendetta
With a pen next to text extra scorchin
Like Jimmy at the organ)
Organizin elements that force a guy's intelligence
To walk the line of relevance
Assault the mind with elegance
(Elegance from a man without melanin, tellin em
Yet again that it's them that I'm better than)
Better than veterans fumblin medicine vials
Venomous styles embedded in Thomas Edison's files
(File this in aisle six next to style kicks
And brain sauce, flavors range from extra hot to mild wit)
Witness these swift kicks to the witless
Dipshit, all the kids bitch cause I'm different
(Different like a platypus, analytical catalyst
Pullin punchlines out of hats, magical battle tricks)
Tricks are for kids with wit in they lid, umbilical cord
Ripped off the kids committin syllable fraud
(Fraudulent fox are depositing muck
Into Kool Herc's kidneys
You fools'll turn to mince meat
Meat is what I obstain from to remain one
With organic principles
To keep the mind invincible
(Invicinble, convince a flow to turn left
Turn def jams into blind faith
Bird brains don't migrate)
Migrate the miscreant to show em what the history is
A cultural exhibit of the musically illicit
(Illustrating, commentating, demonstrating
Elevating plus evaluating
Tracks to leave the wack salivating)

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Record Label(s): 2002 Lewis Recordings
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