Payback Ii Lyrics

[e double]
Word em up

[joe sinistr]
Word em up, ha ha
Got the e double, right there

[e double]
Jmj combined with grand.. royal..
Nineteen ninety-three, ninety-four
Word em up

[joe sinistr]
Here we go, joe sinistr representin from the joint

Verse one: erick sermon

Yo yo, I pause for the cause
I seen niggaz heads busted, someone pass the gauze
This rhyme may affect the skull to a point
And crash the membrane, so you should spark a joint
*inhale* there I go and now it's showtime without
Kiki shepherd, now the bitch feels neglected
Check the memo, remember you listened to my demo;
Yeah the one about the f*ckin limo?
Rewind because I'm pushed for time right now
What where when how, my sound's out there like moscow
I hear nuttin but the music, raw fusion
No mass confusion or illusion
Blink blink, blink so what you sayin? I'm not playin
Hey man, yo I caught you playin
So don't be conspicous, cause you can't get with this
Hardcore scientifical, far from typical
My rap style, is dy-no-mite
It make you wanna be like the e double, and not like mike
Yo, bust my acoustics, swing!
Deranged, when I rock the mic I feel strange
Now back to our program, f*ck batman, bang bang
Sound from the gat-man
Let me quit it, cause I feel I have shitted
And got mad niggaz widdit
Joe sinistr follows
So y'all get my dick, until tomorrow

Chorus: joe sinistr

It's the second payback, payback part ii
Yeah, it's the second payback, the payback part ii
Uh-huh, yeah -- it's the second payback, the payback part ii
Uh-huh, yeah -- it's the second payback, payback part ii
It's part ii, uhh

Verse two: joe sinistr

And while niggaz still arrested virgins, I rips it ill
As erick sermon's, we's the ones usin the method slurrin
So joe sinistr came through the armed recruit to blank crews
My six will fix another one greedy
Foreal, let's peel they hats back for deal slow
And we'll catch clown, with they pants down real low
The screwball better work a rupaul and switch fast Or we'll be in the cornfield, killin your bitch ass
And timb's roam through bad bad odor but it is home
Wild flex and more sex than mad cobra
So take it easy ? just to mash a kraut? mine's the cheesiest
And I'm sworn to keep their eyes on more than cbs
I make the funk doobie turn to a process
I mob just any nigga, I don't care who he
I still get doughs, takin off bitches girbauds
And lamp with erick, a champ merit cause I flip foes
See these screws loose, I repeat, beetlejuice, beetlejuice
But stop there goes the third time with the cock-a-roach
And I get more flows than vic tayback
So kids, here come the second big payback

Chorus 1/2

Verse three: erick sermon, joe sinistr

*tire squeeling sound* I return burnin rubber
The black african brother, low key so call me undercover
The funkster from the boonies
I love muhammad ali, so f*ck gerry cooney
Oops, can't forget, under a roof from one nation
*rrraow* crowd participation
Shit, I'm so upset, I feel like snappin niggaz neck
But i'ma chill and let joe get wreck

My secret recipe put pepsi on diet's, uh-huh
The funk dog as I come low to piss on hydrants
And howl at half moons and white owls and mad tunes
Live quite fowl, leavin lifestyles in bitches bathrooms
I crack granite, and pack a mass transit it's so weird
My style is more fear-ed than black planets
And I f*ck your shit, suck my dick for explicit
I let clips at your name, pay rent in your brain
And I gets wicked, wick-wick-wicked
And keeps a full clip in case the bullets get evicted
And now to twirl up the fat nigga, seek psychiatric
I devour worlds and galactus
I gets mean troop, grabbin christine around the block
At sixteen, spittin the green pea soup
And cock nines, when niggaz got slime, the only men
Puffin nick nick nick's- with -elodeon
It's joe no diss cause the funk mist flow
Make a mess like aunt tess when she leaped off the sixth flo'
So straighten it out if your knock-kneed
'fore they draw chalk around the body

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Songwriter(s): Erick S. Sermon, Parrish Joseff Smith

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