Beast On Da Block Lyrics

[Hook x2:]
Boy I'm movin' everything pushin, pushin, plus I'm stackin' green, whatcha think it mean...

(umma beast on da block)

When it comes to movin' weight I move thru every fifty states dictionary clearly states that... (Umma beast on da block)

[Verse 1:]
10, 20, 30, 40 grand I'm a show you sucka's I ain't playin' games witcha lames I'm a head bussa. Boy you slippin' pay attention to the cost boy they call me john travolta umma tear ya face off. Stay gettin' money homeboi that's on everything injur all you rookies take your best players out the game. watch your lane boy my whole team got the highest stats. Call em RB's caouse they Run to Bring the money back. Ain't no FB's on my team ain't no Fronting Boy. 36 official super bowls that ain't nothing boy. 36 killas and they all on call. 36 niggas and they all gone fall. 36 niggas and they all gone hear me. 36 300's and they all got hemi's. 36 keys watch dem smokers come flock why you actin like you ain't no (Umma Beast on da Block)

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2:]
10, 20, 30, 40 grand we can swang it. cause when it comes to moving money buddy umma genuis. I don't show no leaniance got work at your convienence. choppers go to poppin boy dem boys pledge a liegence. Boy I'm known to hustle pull muscle in and out the slums. Where we push weight in the state shaped like a gun. Boy you better run just in case I show no nevermind. [pause] BOy you shouldn't cross that gun line. Everytime umma hit you quick I don't give a f**k. BOy you got that cash homboi stack these chickens up. 20 somthin chevy sittin high they call it tonka. peanut butter brown boy I call it willy Wanka. Don't cha wish ya dope was hot like me, had a block like me, boy your not like me (aye) a; these aqusations who's the realist boy they'll never be. 20yrs old half these other niggas scared of me

[Hook x4]

(Umma Beast on da block)

[Fade out]

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