My World Lyrics

Yeah, uh, lil' freestyle (Freestyle, yeah)
I got my niggas, they stay with me (Make your bitch smile)
Niggas be bitches, they not what they seem
I got on Alexander McQueen
Smokin' on dope, I ain't popping no bean
You not speaking money, I don't know what you mean
Yeah, Bape on my feet, I need every pair (Uh-huh)
I'm on the block, y'all don't be anywhere (Uh)
And I'm smoking on this gas, you better beware (Uh)
I'm goin' up like I went up some stairs
I'm so sorry, man, I really don't care
Can't be broke, better stay over there
Too much money, man, they say it ain't fair
A lot of blue hundreds, throw that shit in the air
Hop in the foreign, go "Skrrt"
Badass bitch but she get on my nerves
Whippin' up birds and all you hear is "Brr" (Ayy)
Young nigga, I still serve
Whip the baby, no Gerber
Young nigga smoking sherbert
So high, gotta stay alert
Different colors got you so hurt
So high, nigga, come to my world
Spinnin' beads, watch it spin, watch it twirl
Real diamonds, I ain't wearing no pearls
Ugg boots, but they not for the girl
I just want them to free my niggas
So they could just be with me
And keep them up out the streets
I'm smoking on this L-O-U-D, uh
Hello it's me, ridin' with no security
Too much money, need money like Diddy
I be getting high like a motherf*cking hippie
Uh, on God, Redd, Trippie
So damn sad, how these f*ck niggas envy
Real nigga, man, just owe me an Emmy
I'm in a Bimm' while you riding a mini
Too—Too much smoke, man, it look like a chimney
Got—Got a Maybach, man, it look a lil' steamy
Too much lean, used to f*ck up my kidney
I f*ck with the Louis, I f*ck with the Fendi
f*ck you, man, I know I'm offending
In love with the money, it's neverending
Smoking on gas, I know you see me grinning
You know you was trippin', you sippin on green lean
I'm in my city, you know that's the slum
I'm taking your shit, now everything mine
I don't do no talking, man, just like a mime
Chanel watch, it's not telling the time

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Songwriter(s): Duwap Kaine
Record Label(s): 2020 KaineRecords
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