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Fried Oreos
Duwap Kaine
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Fried Oreos Lyrics

[Verse 1: Duwap Kaine]
I'm high as f*ck eatin' fried oreos
I post a bad bitch on my story though
I got real nigga on my portfolio
She like a movie bitch, Glock bust a ho
Thot ass bitch, no I can't trust a ho
I'm still in the hood, nigga eatin' Lunchables
Nigga with a mattress, we the Untouchables (Casok)
Smokin' on dope, I ain't got no worries
I f*ck with the kids, nigga Lil Blurry
And you know that I'm high, my vision a lil blurry
I got a bad bitch, and her slides furry
I smokin' on dope, nigga so early
Diamonds on my neck, nigga these ain't pearlies
Run up on a nigga, man I need a gym
My nigga catch a body, I get him a attorney
I'm so high, lets go own a gym
I'm so high, you know my words slur
Take a nigga out, and threw him in a hearse
Smokin' on a lot, yeah, I know you heard it
Big ass Glock, please don't try and hurt me
You know it's f*ck twelve, I'm throwin' up a bird
I feel like Future cause my Sprite dirty
My chain so low, my ears f*ckin' hurt

[Verse 2: Slimesito]
You know I been slime, got them shooters lurking
I'm shootin' off the rip, I'm hittin' like I'm Irving
I'm outside, with the choppa like I'm Persian
I got yo' main bitch grooming and she serve me
RG shit, man, we never hurting
My shooter gon' pull up like it's urgent
Cut yo ass up, do you in like a surgeon
I stay [?], now I got him hurting
These VVS diamonds got these bitches flirting
I'm already strapped up, you know I can't be worried
Might shooter quick draw, he shooting like he Curry
I know some real niggas and they out in Jersey
A lot of shots, turn a shotta to a jersey
On the block trappin' and you know it's early
I don't trust a soul, that's why I keep a thirty
When you around me, my shooter going dirty

[Verse 3: Duwap Kaine]
Bitch do dick and you know she eat those
Ridin' around with my brother and that's Sito
Walk in that bitch, nigga, with a meat roll
Mid blunts, yeah, you know I don't hit those
Hop in that foreign, nigga watch me shift ho
Damn is that a Glock? Or is it a damn missile
Sippin' on two cups, need triple
Posted on opp block in a brand new fit though
I'm smokin' on dope, I don't do my own rips though
Skylark, I be stuck in my shifts though
If you see twelve, nigga blow the whistle
Gen four, hold it down on a nickle
I'm in the kitchen with the Pam, [?] buddy
Sito that's my brother from another mother
You talkin' to twelve, nigga, undercover
And yo' bitch wanna get under the covers
My niggas they ride, they don't got much
These niggas be tellin', talkin' such and such
Put you on a plate, f*ck nigga lunch
This a Glock 21, not a shotgun
Would've I thought I said, "Ricky," look at how he run
How the f*ck do you run up on me with a damn gun?
Thirty round, fireworks, look like a flimp
Ran off on the plug I know that he hurtin', yeah
f*ck on my bitch and I bought her a Birkin Bag

[Outro: Duwap Kaine]
I know that he hurtin', (Casok), he mad
I know that he hurtin', he sad
I know that he hurt, damn
I know that he hurt, he hurtin'
I know that he hurt, damn
I know that he hurt, he hurtin'
I know that he hurt, damn
Bought my bitch is a Birkin
I know that he hurt, he hurtin', he hurtin', he hurt

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Record Label(s): 2020 KaineRecords
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