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Empire Lyrics

Going both ways, nigga
In the trap, nigga, but I go both ways
Real trap nigga, I go both ways
In the trap, I rap, I get more cake
Ridin' around the city blowing propane
12 wanna ask a nigga questions, don't know no names
I could have a PS5 and Xbox, but I don't play no games
I just let that check talk, she just let that neck talk
Everybody hate Duwap (Everybody), feeling some' like Chris Rock
She thought I was Young Money, how I made that bed rock
Bitch, I got dumb money, I'm a hypebeast buying deadstocks
I like Call of Duty guns, I might get a red Glock
And I'm recording your bitch while she give me neck man, that's a headshot
Seven six two, hit your shit and cause a blood clot
Playing with them sticks all day, bitch, got a red dot
And it got a green one too, finna make the block hot
Feds coming, put them sticks up, 'fore they lock the block up
You know how I'm rocking like Rada Rada
Powered up, I don't need a charger
Beamer cars, I don't need a Charger
I'm tryna smoke dope till the sun up
Residue all on the scale
Trappin' real hard, tryna avoid a jail
Trappin' real hard tryna avoid a bail
Trappin' real hard, I can't avoid the cells
Trappin' so hard, I ain't taking no L's
Free D, they got him in a cell
I'm slime, so it's f*ck karma, we got them sticks out, yeah Wakanda
We got them sticks out, yeah, Wakanda
I'm a Black Panther, Black Mamba
So I just shoot a nigga like a panther, and I just ball nigga, yeah, mamba
Whole lotta contraband in the Honda
I'm stacking my money up like plunger
Them niggas hate me, so I wonder
I look at my neck, it's cold like Gunter
Sniper rifle on me, I'm a hunter
Big ass ray boots like Gunna
No Birdman, I'm a young stunna
I'm from the gutter but I'm 'bout that money
I turn that boy to a roadrunner
You know I see bullshit, overcome it
I got more guns than TI
Hate the bitch and she asking me why
'Cause bitch, you just act like you on my side
You ain't no ride or die
I need that uh, I — uh
I need that bread
I need that bread
I need that bread, bread head like I'm Sahbabii man
Up the stick and I dump out the van
I can tell why them f*ck niggas ran, ya dig
Sippin' that drank, get higher
Run from 12, now I'm screeching them tires
Run from 12 nigga, damn I was tired
Smoking this dope, nigga, call the firefighters
Shitting on niggas, where my diaper
This chopper sing, nigga, like Mariah
Who the f*ck in this world could get flyer
Fake ass Amiris, you a liar
Fake ass Amiris, you a liar
Been in the trap, nigga, since Limewire
I'm running shit like Empire

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Songwriter(s): Duwap Kaine

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