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Circus Lyrics

All my niggas on go-go and they live their life like an episode
On the block with a damn pole, if you try me, then we gon' blow
Bad bitch in the bathroom and she walked out with my Dior robe
Yeah, I'm all about money and I'm really all about Pesos
If you catch me, I ain't snitching, let you know now, man that's case closed
If it's smoke, if it's tension, then please let me f*cking know
Sticks right in my mi casa, 12 come, then go flush the dope
Travis Scott, whipping antidote
Real high, smoking cantaloupe (God damn)
Washing with Maison Margiela soap (Ok, ok)
Baby, let's chill and watch this Netflix episodе
Have you ever seen thе movie Dope? I think it's cool, let's put it on
Come on, let's get it on so I can take you home
You thought you was gon' spend the night? Broke bitch, get the f*ck on
Real blessed, I don't believe in love
Bad white bitch, took her to Starbucks
Like Sonic, took his coins, bruh
If you not gang, you can't join, bruh
Diamonds on me, fine pointers
Catch a nigga on your TV
Baby girl, I be leaning
American flag on the right side
Baby girl, she my right side
You better stay on my right side
Or you won't be feeling your right side
Bitch niggas care about likes now
Shooters on payroll, take your life now
Thirty thousand for a bustdown watch
I'ma get two, nigga just watch
Stack my bread, that's the plot
Posted outside, two Glocks on the plot
Dissing in songs, 'bout to get your ass shot
I'm sipping on drank, I ain't sipping on wine
Forty with me, it's controlling your mind
It make a nigga give it up, make it mine
Fry your ass, now you a tater tot
They want me to sit, they want me to rot
Stick make [?] like Medusa
Bad thick bitch and you know she a cougar
Thirty round hit you right in your medulla
She in lingerie, man, she know she seducing
Braids in my hair, I look like Medusa
Made 12 hot, I just came from the troopers (From the troopers)
Bad bitch, man, I think her name luna
My niggas lied, they was just eating tuna
The bitch done went crazy, she luda
Trap shit, she love the way I maneuver
12 coming, throw the gun on the sewer
I'm smoking dope and I got it from Buddha
[?] dream, feel like Martin Luther
I need some lean, man, I'm tryna to boot up
Kick shit and put my Rick boots up
I'm eating healthy 'cause I'm drinking the Boost up
Trap life, man, I introduced her
Taliban, she'll wrap that lil' shirt up
Trackhawks roaring, know that they heard us
Clown ass niggas, they need a circus

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Songwriter(s): Duwap Kaine
Record Label(s): 2021 KaineRecords
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