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Ben & Jerry
Duwap Kaine
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Ben & Jerry Lyrics

Them niggas right there, they hatin' on me
Three hoes debatin' on me
Got zero, man, your gun on E
Walk out wit' my gun on me
Who goin' be the first to reach?
She say that she love me, that's a reach
Blew up his crib, nigga, finna breach
Water on my neck, nigga, I'm a beach
If I catch a body, wash off with bleach
The police can't find no receipts
I ain't got my Glock, get yo' ass beat
AR-15, f*ck if y'all deep
Don't play wit' the the gang, nigga, we gon' creep
Road runnin' shit, nigga, I go meet
I keep spillin' lean, nigga, out the Jeep
Dior on me, I ain't cheap
I got too many hoes, it's hard not to cheat
Nigga, why you cappin' to me?
About what you did, about what you see
I don't really care, nigga, if you a G
Just be yourself, that's what please me
Choppa on me, new Eazy-E
I'm in the hood askin' for a freeze
You know I'ma run if they say freeze
Push-to-start, man, I still need the keys
Tight-ass jeans, bitch, let your p*ssy breathe
She love me, ain't want me to leave
Lil' baby, I gotta go get to the money
Spark me a blunt, man, today is sunny
I'm lookin' like money
Momma said, "Turn that shit off on Sunday"
I gotta get the money, yeah, some way
Nigga try me, nigga, then it's gun play
Catch me a opp nigga, yeah, the dumb way
Ride wit' a Draco, this a dumb K
I'm shootin' shit, yeah, I am dumpin'
I turn a nigga block, yeah, to nothin'
She wanna be wit' me, she see followers
Until she get money, then I, [?] her
I get the money, get that in a heartbeat
Draco hit him, he can't feel his heartbeat
And she keep textin' me that she sorry
I'm smokin' cookies, I ain't talkin' Safari
Catch me a opp, I just made that one call
Two bankrolls, one a midget, one tall
He lookin' hurt, man, he need a Tylenol
Scary movie shit, no, it's not Saw
My gun on me, f*ck a physical brawl
They hate, man, knock that shit off
Shawt Bus Shawty, BeYoOwnBoss
Too much lean, so I gotta drink Voss
He just a chicken, 'til they get 'em tossed
She keep askin' how I'm so raw
Wake up everyday, no day off
And that's an AK, that's not off
I don't wanna hear shit, don't talk
Man, give me the red carpet when I walk
Free all my niggas that's stuck in the jam
Two bad bitches, peanut butter and jam
Play wit' my gang and I swear I'm goin' ham
Play wit' the gang and you goin' six feet
She want a rang wit' me to make her wifey
Ben & Jerry on my neck, ice cream

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Songwriter(s): Duwap Kaine

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