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Dreams & Dreamers


Dreams & Dreamers Lyrics

[Sample: {Vocals}]
"In the evening when I wake up
And my golden rainbow dawns
In the proceeding moments just revolve, I lose myself"

[Verse 1:]
Is this a dream or reality, how do we tell the difference...
Every day seemed like Christmas, now it's Halloween
Galleries with blank canvas, gallivant ran
Through the valley for a Salary that grants me
Successful in this majestic culture
Survive if you're high like the nest of a vulture
Pauly Poltergeist, a voltage of lighting
Not scared to strike twice like assaultings from bikies
I'm hiking with a viking mind state
Hunt to feed his family, the life of a primate
I'm just a tired ape, lie awake late
No sleep when ya life's fate decided on a break
Is this a nightmare? Pinch my hand and breathe
Feel like I'm getting lynched by my girl's family
I gotta dream and it might seem thin
But I couldn't breathe without it, it's my Siamese twin

I sleep no more, dream with eyes open
No more pills and no more potion
No more being woken up
By the explosion when the commotion errupts
I sleep no more, dream with eyes open
No more pills and no more potion
No more being woken up
By the man dumping his shit, unloading his truck
I sleep no more

[Verse 2:]
Absence of occupation isn't rest
... a mind vacant is another mind of distress
... no rest for the wicked, yeah we could just kick it
Or we could f*cken stick it to the man
Is this life, I'm watching bum's rifle threw rubbish
Malnourished, another vicious growl from their stomachs
How rubbish, another vicious row with the government
Rummage through our cans and the council ain't loving it
Nothing under this sun done change
Monday to Sunday, life's mundane
In one day Mundine took down Green
In one day a stingray took our Steve
Proven even our hero's are human
Proven some come dumber than Sam Newman
Ya loose, ya win, loose again
Is this life the booze or hallucinogen
So I move with the wind like willow
But sin like bellow, my head hits the pillow
And I'm gone, out for the count like Drak
Bounce and I'm out like that, do ya feel me
Yeah is this a dream
Jump from a bridge, will I hit the street or wake up
It just seems
That I'm wasting my time praying for something greater
Yeah is this a dream
Will I be the man that I wanted to be as a kid
It's not how it seems
Don't wanna be remembered as another man that lived


[Verse 3:]
Rest is excellent but bordom is his brother
Death his cousin, age is his mother
Cover your eyes, go to sleep sweet heart
But when you wake you might find the grim reaper
Standing at the end of your bed demanding to be fed
Your soul sucked from that hole in ya head
Not even Ned Kelly's armour could save ya
The arm of the saviour lay ya to rest, so save ya breath
To say your prayers even Satan says
Realities a very sad state of affairs
So beware of the screaming hyenas
And only sleep seperates the dreams from the dreamers


"In the evening when I wake up"
I dream with eyes, I dream with eyes open
I sleep no more
"In the evening when I wake up"
I dream with eyes, I dream with eyes open

[Sample: {Vocals}]

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Songwriter(s): Daniel Rankine, Paul Ridge
Record Label(s): 2008 Obese Records
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