Yah Think Lyrics

Oi Daz, do you think what I'm thinking?
I think that they're thinking that we care about what they think
But don't you think that their thinking about all this thinking a little too much?
f**kin hell, alright
This going out to all you tough motherf**kers

Check. D-r and Pegz will hang you high from a clothesline
Strip the sheep of wolves clothing with a dope rhyme
Head first, I'll throw you into my walls of passion
And still you f**king eggheads wouldn't know what's cracking
Stirring the pot, I scramble your brain for breakfast
SBX kid, the fathers of some next shit
Gotta dark iron flow like a pint of Guinness
f**k Steve Irwin - I'm notable like the Indiginous
I never let you take my style out
Sick, fluent and loud like I worked out a way to make my bomb shout
Spit versatile on topics in life's list
While you scene jocks only battle emcees that don't exist
f**k a hip hop scene, I make music for your mind
And turn bandwagon jumpers into followers for life
And on that note, I'm signing off on this tip
[? ] was all about your bitch

[Chorus: Drapht]
Yah think ya shit don't stink? Ya better think twice
All I see is soft pussies like a pair of pink tights
Ya think I shouldn't sing and just bring it to em raw?
But I'm bored of the wars and the way that you record
Yah think you're in a struggle, thinking that you're hungry
You live in paradise, not a third world country
You think you're the shit, yeah you're better than the rest?

[Verse 2: Drapht]
In the heat of the moment D-r's known for getting malicious
My f**king issues in a penthouse, still I'm staying ambitious
So I won't be washing dishes (nah), won't be working for peanuts
Who's sposed to be dumped in trunks quicker than a mobsters cleanup
A pre-nup agreement when I'm reaming this rap scene
The pack's been infected and I'm leaving no vaccine
The cat's been, let out of the bag on you
Watched the rats run, so every doubt I had is true
Got gratitude for many, anyone in my vicinity
Battered and bruised egos wanted to f**king finish me
Who? I should've knew that you would scoop to the lowest path
f**king animals treating this scene like it's Noah's Ark
Know your heart's in the wrong place
There's enough room for tough crews and hippies that are rhyming about mushrooms
Don't even start if you're thinking you will bust through
Obese and SBX, killing this? I f**king must do


[Verse 3: Pegz]
9 to 5, works monotony
Tryna survive and serve the economy
Obese Creeew - burn methodically
Terminology experts learn it properly
Pegz and Drapht inspire passionate people
Live from the motherf**king Axis of Evil
Where fascists are people in this War Against Terror
How many gotta die for George's vendetta?
Born September, the Devil's advocate
Fear campaigns and mental arrogance
Our governments sold out, nothing's sacrilege
Except the Catholic Church and corporate affluence
Worse than liver disease, addiction to speed
Powers like smack for the rich and elite

We nurse the illest emcees with this diction we breed
Untraceable tracks from west to the EAST.

[DJ Selekt on the decks:]
"Possibly, you might try stopping me"
"Well obviously boy, you ain't thinking properly"
"Possibly, you might try stopping me"
"My philosophy is to keep this shit poppin"


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Songwriter(s): Darren Reutens, Paul Ridge
Record Label(s): 2005 Obese Records Pty Ltd
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