Musty Freestyle
Drakeo The Ruler


Musty Freestyle Lyrics (feat. OhGeesy)

I don't rap beef, soul snatch that ass deep
Grim reaper, street sweeper, feet Neimans, speak to me
Codiene and Adderall, Bally bags and Taliban
I could've went to Alcatraz, niggas always talking bad
Please check the news clips, I do this, a nuisance
Wildin' all in traffic with a Uzi, on buffoonery
You cool as me, I do this shit, I'm strangling Judas's
Don't play with me, I'm chasing niggas
Bitch you bought the major leagues
Long stocking, Pippy Longstocking
More problems, more bodies
Won't find ‘em, Local 8's is getting crowded
I got Bally, I got Louis, I ain't really into Prada
Split medulla oblongata's, a couple way from a father
Abuse these Margielas, my jacket is Moncler
So it ain't rappers on my toes, these are not Air Forces
Mr. Everything, I stood on thirty thousand on the floor
Three-sixty bust down and I was not doing no shows
You need to go back to your hood 'cause we is not bringing no hoes
Chopsticks, mopsticks, Ralfy blinding the moshpit
Disgusting, suck me, bitch the fit been musty
The nerve of me cursing, I'm slurring, I'm curving these dirty birds
A five in a one, who the f*ck I think I'm Dirty Purp
Gheesy my people, drummer stinky bleachers
I break the internet with my freestyles from Pro Tools
Don't know you, these niggas really Venice Beach hobos
Rapper with a gun, I go bad, I got a drum
Spilling bricks all up in Neimans, I be acting up off mud
She said if you needed help then you should've asked for some
Twenty bands up on a bitch, bitch you should've been acting up
Blue tips, movies, you know I'm toting the whole thing
Bruce Lee, Suze Lee, kick in your door for the whole thing
Niggas be popping like they be popping up in four bands
White bitch, think she said her cousin Lindsay Lohan
Beat her to a slow jam, Ric Flair's Hogan
I'm Michael Myers, Sideshow Bobber flyer
Niggas nice, they Flanders, I ain't lying
The king of the hill, I know beef when it's real
Ain't no beef on the grill, ain't no pieces of steel
Ain't no homicide cars, ain't no police in the rear
Stop playing

[Outro: Drakeo the Ruler & Ohgeesy]
Haha, nigga
Niggas talkin', like nigga this shit regular
I been doin' this, we don't rap beef
I don't do none of that shit
You know I'm just havin' fun, haha
Check my casefiles, like, like, like
Mopsticks all in the couches and that shit, stop playin' with me nigga
Nigga, like, like, like, like
Niggas be havin' all them super powers but can't bring they homies back from the dead, like, I don't understand, like, haha
Don't pop it to me, keep that shit music, haha
Ugh, like like like, like, niggas be thinkin' they Suge or somethin'
Like nigga, like shells don't knock down Goliath
I'm tellin' niggas, I just knocked down Brad
Like I'm the bully breaker, like nigga, haha
I'm talkin' 'bout two-two-three shells all on my rug
Like F&N, MAC's, nigga, like
Juststop playin' with me nigga
This shit really regular though nigga
Damn bitch, I only been out, what, a month now
Ah, I'm a problem nigga
They ask me how I'm feeling, my nigga I'm feeling lovely
It must be, everywhere I go they wanna f*ck me
Musty, ugh my nigga who got that musty?
It must be Ohgees 'cause he stay serving custy
They ask me how I'm feeling, my nigga I'm feeling lovely
It must be, everywhere I go they wanna f*ck me
Musty, ugh my nigga who got that musty?
It must be Ohgees 'cause he stay serving custy

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Songwriter(s): Drakeo the Ruler

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