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Crazy 'bout Cars
Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh
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Crazy 'bout Cars Lyrics

I always been Crazy 'bout cars
From Jettas to Jaguars
BM's are cool
But Mercedes rule
I always been Crazy 'bout cars

Drivin' down the street and I can't stop
And it's gettin' kinda hot so I might take off the drop top
And see the pretty girls as they walk by (honk honk)
Yo baby you want to go for a ride
K.K. ("Yo Doug,her come the cops!!")
So I have nuthin' to hide
Besides I'm looking for a bride
Let's go!!
Mercedes for the ladies,BM's are cool
But Mazerati and Porsches are the things that rule
If you were raised in New York by now you know
That walking down the street is like going to a car show
Diamond in the back,sun roof top
Chillin' in the scene with the gangster lean oo,oo,oo
K.K. ("Yo Doug,the cops is tailin' us")
They better stop or pretty soon they'll be mailin' us
An apology note,we don't work on the street
They better go ride behind a Suzuki cheap Jeep
But what?Go to sleep!
I'm waitin' at the light so I can go
Homeboy in another car yelled out "Yo!"
Chill Will:("What up Ha,what you doin' today?")
Yo,why you drivin' that Hyundai?
Chill Will:("Oh,I'm coolin' today")
Well I'll see you later on tonight
Chill Will:("Okay")
K.K.:("Hey yo Doug,the light is green")
Thanks,but anyway.....


White sweater,blue Jetta or Saab nine thou
Turrrrbo,how you like me now?
Howya,howya,hawyah like me now
Howya,hawya,hawya,hawya like me now
Phil Rizzuto say's "Holy Cow"
How yah like me now?
Now bus it.....

I'm drivin' in my real fly transportation
Pushin' eighty-five to my destination
Me and my girl and I'm on the lean
With my Saab stick shift in between
Pushin' it,huggin' the road so tight
'Til hear a siren and a real bright light
Didn't pay no attention with the cruise control
Until I heard a deep voice say
Chill Will:("Highway patrol")
So I pulled to the side and I started to laugh
'Cause I think they wanted my autograph
Ha,ha,ha,ha,but anyway
They got their car started over to mine
Registration,insurance I could not find
He had a smile on his face like your "ass" is mine
Chill Will:("Boy,your ass is mine!!")
So he got out of his car and approach my window
Waitin' for me to like give him the info
I reached over,gave my girlie a kiss
Put the gears in three and I did like this
I was doin' 120 my girl started to remind me
Cool and calm they was right behind me
My girl say
Dawn:("Doug E.,don't press your luck!!")
I said lucky for me that I don't drive drunk!
I was coolin' (and by the way)
I was rullin',know what I'm s-s-s-s-s-s-sayin'

So movin' right along to the end of the story
Cops were on my tail and really started to bore me
I adjusted my mirror to see much clearer
Cops were gettin' nearer
So I had to prepare her
Fasten your seat belt one more exit to go
Then I pushed the Red Button on the Saab Turbo
We was outta there as the wind blew her hair
Her lips and legs showed alot of potential
The rest of the story is confidential
Know what I'm s-s-s-s-s-sayin',ay-yo


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