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Gimme Sum Mo
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Gimme Sum Mo Lyrics

Okay okay okay
Check this out
That's them Dirty slum boys finna lock it down this time
And when we lock it down it ain't gon' be for a little while
It gon' be for infinity
Nigga that means now and forever

The Dirty slum got you mad now
We stackin' cash now
Money out the ass now
Pushin' cadillacs now
Finna hit yo stash
With my ski mask
Lick you from the back
Leave yo pockets flat
We all about that bread
I'll bust yo head
Burn yo ass with lead
Leave you where you played
I saw you tryin' to flex
You shoulda fled
If you scared say it
Too late you dead
Now I got yo block
We choppin' rocks
All off in our socks
We got the Gump locked
Now hoes wanna jock
Cause we on top
But when the Dirty drop
It ain't gon' stop
Now you heard we on the grind now
That's all the time now
Skeetin' down for dimes
I gotta get mine
The bud we smoke is ?
Sometimes it's pine
Leave yo girl blind
When this ? shine

And for all my niggas who got that weed
We gon' sack it up
All my niggas got some beef
We gon back it up
And all my niggas who got that cheese
We gon' rack it up
And if you sittin' on some D's
We gon' jack it up
To all my girls bouncin' ass
Won't you drop it low
All my girls spittin' game
Just be bout that dough
All my girls who gon' freak
We can freak on the flo'
And I ain't leavin' out yo house till you gimme sum mo'

[Mr. G]
My niggas is riders
Gon' off purple sky dust
We ain't no hoes nigga so don't try us
We makin' hits while these boys throwin' fists
We still gettin' rich while these dummies talk shit
But they caught the short end of the stick
Oh well
That shit they rap about
Man I'm surprised they can't tell
That's why I'm down with some niggas that's gon' bust
Them niggas ain't with us
Then them niggas we don't trust
??? he quick to turn somethin'
And Mr. Blue
He stay true
And Fat Mack keep 12-Mack
??? be down for the brawl
That nigga pimpin' small
Got some fire off the wall
V-Dog you know he boss hard
??? playa you know that nigga down to stack mail
But Big Pimp boy you shoulda been first
That nigga quick to leave a bitch nigga off in the dirt


We got that thang crunk now
Up in the Gump now
Let that thang thump now
All up out yo trunk now
We goin' double plat
Right off the back
Got yo girl layin' flat
All off in her kat
We got them refer sacks
Oooh they so fat
Get ya high like crack
Put ya on yo back
Forever I be slurred
Off thunderbird
Got that caddy swurved
All up on the curb

[Mr. G]
Now we crackin' skulls
Just for the love
You claim you was a thug
But you gets drug
Plus we got them slugs
They for yo chest
Now you never shoulda flexed
Now you may rest
We flipped out on the scene
Dirty boys clean
Y'all know what I mean
All about that green
Central Squad rule
And now y'all through
When them 6 flew
Droppin' 3 plus 2

Hook 2x's

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Record Label(s): 2000 Universal Motown Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc
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