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Dirty Luv
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Dirty Luv Lyrics

I'm down to die for my nigga, 'cause there's just that much love
I'm down to smoke with my nigga, 'til there ain't no more bud
I'm willin' to kill for my nigga, when he's in need of slugs
It's 'til the end with my nigga, screamin' out "dirty thugs"
Now that some deep shit
Well f*ck it that's my folk for life
And I'm gon' ride for that nigga, whether morning or night
And that's aight, 'cus I know he'd do the same for me
It's twelve o'clock midnight and he bringin' heat to the streets
Kept me on my feet
And introduced the nigga to the game
Gave me my first sack of rocks, to blow them rock monster's brains
And shit didn't change 'cus my nigga said we'll ball forever
And when we hit the industry, we gon' sell a million records
Yes sir, that's why I'm down for my nigga like that
And if you hear my nigga's shit
I'll take two bullets in my back and that's a fact
'Cus I guess it's just in our blood
Nigga, we folks to the heart but our relation is cus', nigga what
So f*ck a hatin' bitch and what they done said
'Cus we gon' always stick together and be all about our bread
f*ck them feds
My nigga, we gon' get it anyways
Whether it's throwin' down on niggaz
Takin' they Tommy and they J's
And we stay blazed and plus I'm always down for action
'Cus if we see them f*ck niggaz, you best believe we blastin'
And freakin' different hoes every week
Ain't this a shame the game we got, makin' bitches fall to our feet (Haha)
Outlast 'em all 'til we dead and gone
I know one thing they gon' remeber that clique Dirty from here on
So gon' and cry, and wipe them tears from your eye
'Cus if I die before you I'ma keep it live in the sky

Now we gon' ride 'til the day we die
Them Dirty Boys showin' the love, that you other thugs ain't got
We gon' ride 'til the day we die
Them Dirty Boys showin' the love, that you other thugs ain't got
We gon' ride 'til the day we die
Them Dirty Boys showin' the love, that you other thugs ain't got
We gon' ride 'til the day we die
Them Dirty Boys showin' the love, that you other thugs ain't got

Now ain't nobody on this earth that can keep us apart
The only nigga worth me creepin' in the dark, that's my cousin
This ain't the same blood no lie
I got love for ya boy to take another man's life
Through out this song I'ma tell you how I feel inside
I never know when I'm gon' die so I'ma tell you right now
I love you like a brother, you know that, I mean it with my heart
I know you down for me, you showed that, when times got hard
I damn near raised ya, takin' you from a boy to a man
We on the corner runnin from the tough streets, rocks in our hand
And when it was over, shit we just laughed and got high
And talked about them bitches we f*cked and the ones that we tried
And I ain't lyin' my nigga you smilin' 'cus you know it's the truth
Most of the hoes I ran through hell you f*cked too
And you was there for me when I got my first piece of ass
And you was there for me when I smoked my first reefer sack
And you was there for me when I creeped them D's off them 'Lacs
And you was there for me when I robbed my first ki' of crack
So when I die, everything I got belong to you
Make sure when I die, them niggaz you run with be true to you
I take the first one back I mean that, but it be with some love
But when I die you can have everything except my gurl
And when I die make sure you keep up the love for the dope
And when I die remember to minimize your love for a hoe
And when I die remember when cookin' coke let it bubble up slow
And promise me the f*ckers who killed me ain't be breathin' no mo'
And when I die keep two glocks cocked on your side at all times
G's a G don't be ashamed to serve a gun for dime
Look out for my mama!
And promise to keep my sister in line
You represent Big Pimp on every verse in your rhyme
And when I die put a fifth of Thunderbird off in my casket
When I die sneak a pound of killa herb off in my casket
When I die loaded cocked two 45's off in my casket
That way when I get to hell I can have something to blast with
When I die be sure to keep respectin' your mom
And when I die make sure no man bring our family no harm
And when I die be sure to cherish every word in this song
Because I promise you, if I ain't mean it, I wouldn'ta wrote none
Before I die I wanna thank the Lord for Mr. G
But if he take you first, shit I'll blow my brains in the street
(now that's deep)


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