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In the place to be,
I go by the name of D I two G's
And we gon set it off like we in MSG
Ya'll ready to rock [?]

[Verse 1:]
Yea, I said it's on like Madison Square
Another day, another blessing
I'm just glad to be here
See I do this for ya'll,
I know ya'll rather be here
At first them haters will boo you
But then they'll gradually cheer
That's why a nigga be rollin'
Always keepin' it forward
Keep a positive vibe
And stay away from them almonds [?]
Aye lil mama you holdin'
Yeah that thang is rollin'
Right around ya colon
Now turn around and show it
I can tell that she want it
Bet I can get at your lady
Don't wanna mess with my army
Or better yet it's a navy
They'll remember the feelin',
They might forget what you sayin
So as long as you feel this
I'm unforgettable baby, DIGGY!

[Chorus: x2]
Said it's on like Madison Square,
All my hustlas, all my ladies
Let me know you in here.
Middle fingas to suckas
Chuck a duece to the haters
I need a moment of silence,
Now back to the paper

[Verse 2:]
I'm headlinin' the tour
Shoes linin' the stores
I'm winnin' without a blemish
Good luck findin' a flaw
You heard they signed me for thousands
Uh-uh they signed me for more
Ya'll really think we not ready [?]
Then I'll tsunami you all
And there's no need to talk
Unless you talking bout commas
Cause we got nothin in common
Unless you talkin' bout rhymin'
And if you talkin' bout spittin'
I'm in a different position
So long freshman class
The principals bout to skip it
Graduatin' with honors
They all relate cause I'm honest
Here's the homie...
To get a burger from Hollis
They say the sky's the limit,
Well I'm passin' the margin babe
That's the name of the car
I wasn't askin' for Martin

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Uh, to the competition R.I.P
Well then the 5 cop league [?]
Stay in a 5 star suite
And I just order room service
Any time a nigga wan eat
Just tell the hotel send a bill up, Chauncey
Watch ya gon' see
Diggy, Diggy, kill it
Was taught never reveal ya intentions always conceal it
To traders like Don Cheadle, they messy like eatin'
And the world is a big haystack and I'm a needle
Really hard to find,
Truly one of a kind
If I give you my number baby,
Please don't run up my line
Cause I got business to handle
I got money to get
Talk is cheap so you'll never see me runnin my lip
Ya hear!?

[Chorus x2]

I don't wanna go to yoga

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