Kiss The Girls Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It was a cool afternoon the first day of school
Everybody wonderin whose the new dude
With the Kangol sneakers with the wide shoe strangs
Wonderin where he from and how he do thangs
His eyes stayed red but he kept his mind clear
The brothers knew he wasn't from no where round here
And the girls kept whisperin' in each others ear
It seems they didn't care about the smell of the beer
They was all on his thing a couple of 'em tried to grab it
Takin their chances didn't know of his bad habits
A two timin' cheat and quick to make up a lie
Just to be kissin' the girls and makin' em cry

Georgieeeeee, Georgieeeeee
kiss the girls and make them cry
kiss the girls and make them cry
Georgieeeeee, Georgieeeeee
kiss the girls and make them cry
kiss the girls and make them cry

[Verse 2]
The girls didn't take caution
When they was flossin wit Georgy
Porgy turn a simple party into an orgy
And just when they thought
That they was the one that he chose
He get rid of them quick and get so mo
No time for lames it's a shame what he do to women
His mouth spit game like a snake shootin' venom
And after he hit 'em some claim that he's no good
But they stick wit' him guess the pain feel so good
Take what he can get givin' up nuttin' why
He don't think that he should pay for the puddin' pie
Takin' em, breakin' em, fakin' em out
He just be kissin' the girls and makin' em cry


[Verse 3]
He kept a girl on the side he keep one at home
And those who wasn't smart they couldn't leave him alone
He'd pick one of 'em a different one yep each weekend Undressin' em,
caressin' em, kissin' em, freakin' em
But last friday night oh this what I heard
Outside his driveway parked a thunderbird
Georgy couldn't hear nothin but the headboard knockin'
Looked up and saw a strange woman in thewindow watchin'
Didn't know if it wasTina, Tenae, or Toila
But whoever it was they had a gray revolver
They asked no question just start bustin'
George was in shock couldn't say or do nothin
He just layed there stiff lookin' froze
And all he could think about was I got too many hoes
In the bed wit' no clothes just waitin' to die
Just for kissin' the girls and makin' em cry

(Chorus) Fade

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