This Is My Game Lyrics

that my game! DJM and you'll always be in
untel the f**kin end no buts about it.
One more time, i'm givin you some shit
That's gonna get difficult and will f**k with your mind, stop using codes
Cuz your god mode is bull shit.
now stop befor i hit you in the nose
hit continue to play again
How many times do I have to tell you game players
your far from the end. your codes are still on
Runnin around here with god mode on like your about to get f**ked
The game don't stop, I'm still going down on the god mode
shit that's why the game shark is off, can't play for real
Now, some of us use codes but you don't now how does that feel?
too much blood? on my games that'll bother you but i need to
Whenever you try to cheat through

If you want to buy it i got it
Come and get it gamma we rent it
All you gotta do is remember this
cheat you'll die
What'cha gamma's want, uh, uh
What'cha gammas want

You still playin games
You gon think it's a easy until you reach level 8
That's how it is
Make your opponits disappear into thin air by puttin bullets through em
shoot them in the back
Last time you saw that guy better be the last time you see that guy
make more deats
Cuz in a minute you gonna have the boss bein the only person left
use your gun
If you gots to kill a guy but always be down for the one on one
lose no life
We gonna beat this game even if it takes all night
Stop drop
Open up shot (what?)
guys up-north don't leave this for the cops
cheat you'll die
What that means is just tell the dude buh bye then pop him in his right eye


Look at this stage
this one is hard cause they be holdin figgas like big killas
cheats are bull shit
Hope you know that using those around me is about to get you hit
thats not a nice person
I mean he'd smack the shit out you twice dog and that's before he starts cursin
he'll be flippin
One minute you rule, the next minute he'll be on you rippin
That's his style
he's nasty and bigga leave you all bloody man service with a smile
shoot his dick
And you playas that's fought with him before know it's about to get thick
just get it on baby
you'll gonna be goin' against 4 guys in one and you think thats crazy?
wait tell level nine
he'll make you lose alot of life about 3 in one time





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