You Think She Don't Know Lyrics

A women's intuition is one of the most powerful mystical forces of nature in the universe
No man's game is a match for it... so your best bet is to just to not play games in the first place... but if you are then you would have to... some how get her to not heed the divine guidance that was placed with in her... the catch 22 with this is... if you achieve this... then u would have taken away the whole essence of her womanhood...

You think she don't knooooo oooo
But she knooooo ooooo
All the cheating all yall lying and the dirt

You think she don't knooooo ooooo
But she knooooo ooooo
In her eyes you see the pain and all the hurt

Because she knoooooo oooo
She knooooo ooooo
She knoooooo oooo (she knooows)

You think she don't knoooo oooo
But she knooooo ooooo
She knoooooo ooooo (she knows)
(You think she don't knoooooooooo

Started out so nice and good
In the beginning like it always do
Looking at him like that's my man
He look you like that's my boo
And his manners so respectable
Str8 gentlemen everytime he next to you
Never pressured you to get sexual
But when y'all did he laid next to you
He carressed you confess to you had you feeling like you was so special too
And to him girl yeah you are
Just not enuff for him to stop what he do
So as your feelings start to deepen start to get a sense of disbelief and
Every time he leaving feeling like he creeping plus it's been too Much shit you been peeping

She know she know
And he know she know
But she done fell so deep in love that she holding onnnnnn

We know she know
And they know she know
But she be acting like it's nuffin dats goooing on

1st time shame on him
2nd time shame on you
3rd time and everytime after
Blame yourself for what u going thru

Now he doing things you don't condone staying out not coming back home
Action so blatant but u just take it cuz u so afraid of being alone
And he taken advantage of it
They be seeing other girls with your man in public
Time for you to just wake up
Open up ya eyes take a stand and f**k it (stand and f**k it)
I know you love him but is his love true when he say he love you
If he disregard how it make you feel when he do what the f**k he want to
(He want to)
It's all a game and them apologies is all in vain
So what u need to do is move on cuz his loss leaves yours to gain

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