A Million Tears Lyrics

The very first one that I shed was at birth
The next couple thousand for lack of some words
The ones after that prolly had no real worth
Cuz I couldn't go outside and play catch with my nerf
So into tears I robotically burst
To make em feel guilty like they were the worst
Sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't sometimes I got my ass whipped as
They cursed
Giving me reasons to really go cry but thru all the tears shed none had
Came with the hurt
Of having someone prematurely leave earth restin in peace in 6 ft fulla
And we knew each other since we were some squirts
From the sandbox til ya mans drops cuz ya man's shot and ya mans not gonna
Be able to make it still hear the nurse
Tellin me i should expect to worse
But her eyes said its time to select a hearse
But she couldn't bare being the one to tell a child hood friend ya friends
Life dispersed
Into thin air but she ain't have to
Cuz on the way there staring at the moon it looked so huge and sooo full
And i coulda swore i felt you past through
I know it sound crazy but a tear dropped
Thinking damn I pose to went to
And when I fouNd out you was trying to stop the shit I know I prolly been
With him 2
Who woulda known when in picked up this phone it be smitty tellin me
That you had got shot
To leaving this hospital acting all crazy crying like a baby in this
Parking lot

Tears n tears rollin down my cheek
Wept so much puddles at my feet
Heart too broken to escape the grief

So this the outcome that ive become
Emotions get so suppressed now so you will never see a million and one

Can't stop it from coming when it rain and it pours
When friends lose they life it's like taking from yours
They used to say. that death round the corner. now its more like it come
Banging on doors
Cuz dre died and tae died and rob died
And dame died and grotz died and my father died and black died and boo
Then homie go and commit suicide so him and my father did it to themself
My father cuz of cigarettes and liquor the rest were strictly to the Hands
Of someone else
And these are just some of the personal loses I dealt with and felt
On top of that all the innocent children so if you wondering why

Why u always smiling is what they steady ask
That's to hide the pain when u got children in other countries dying from
Deadly gas
That they own government let loose having flash backs of that neck noose
Wrapped around the necks of my own people
Not giving the rights of whole people
That's so evil
But this is the life that we all have been trapped in (all have been
Trapped in)
Povery stricken apartmemts and projects we all have been packed in (all
Have been packed in)
So if you just think that I don't give a f**k and I don't have a care
(don't have a care)
Know that I do. its just from know on. you won't get a tear

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Record Label(s): 2014 Gamesterz Entertainment

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