Inner City Lyrics

[Intro: E-Swift]
Ladies and gentlemen..
You are about to witness the amazing sounds of..
(E to the motherf*ckin' Swift) and Defari Herut, c'mon
AH, AH, Likwit motherf*cker
What, you didn't know?
Let it bump, let it bump, let it bump

Knowin' what I know and seein' what I've seen
You'll get left behind when you daydream
See me, I live it out
Real talk, bullshit walk
Yo Swift, tell 'em what we talkin' 'bout

We talkin' 'bout... um, determination
A hungry pack of wolves is what you're facing
Swimming with the sharks, walkin' big dogs that bark
Through every ghetto, project, and park

If I could take what I take, and show you all I had
Half of y'all would still end up mad
You haters can't hide from yourself
The liqour's top... shelf

Yo if you wanna play to win you gotta play hard
You gotta fight, get bruised, battered, and scarred
My niggaz go rhyme for rhyme on anybody you can think of
We official Likwit niggaz drinkin' all your drink up..

Smoke to choke
Guess that's how it is, always been dope
Tell you 'bout this letter to this bird I wrote
Told her ninety-three muscles in your throat

Bitch, gobble it up
You f*ckin' with some rollo niggaz, rollo as f*ck
Mind been corrupt since I was a young buck
Gettin' caught with my pants down beatin' it up

[Chorus: x2]
Life in the innercity
This for all my rollo niggs -
That's livin' that life in the innercity
Life in the innercity
This for all my ghetto chicks -
That's livin' that life in the innercity

Keep your head high..
I know you strugglin' tryin' to make ends tie
So I understand why... we love what we struggle for
Dedicate the rest of our lives to be..
HUH!, FRESH, pure unsaturated
West Coast best, veterans at this shit
Never forget, we legendary Likwit

Innercity blues -
That's when you got a girl with itty-bitty two's
Really, did he do? Mad work from T dot to Vancouv (oh, fo sho)
Los Scandalous - out of towner's, they can't handle the truth

Innercity youth
Wild motherf*ckers runnin' loose
We talkin' bout -

[Chorus: x2]

Figure it out
The streets make niggaz drink the crown
S.D. to the town, skatin' on rims straight burnin' it down

Wash the truck, keep the twenty-two's wet, sticky as f*ck
Bump the beats, my amp rack ???? when I stomp the streets
Pull up to the club, valet park my shit up front for a dub
It ain't nuttin' but love
Jealous niggaz lookin' at me and my hoes like "what?!"

Angry for days
Hooks act in the strangest of ways
Likwit stay paid
A to the L to the K to the A to the -

[Chorus: x4]

[Outro: Defari]
Yeah, South Central, the Eastside
Inglewood, Carson, Hawthorne, Lynwood
Venice, Culver City, Santa Monica
Palms, Paqoima, Van Nuys
Panarama City, Verseeta?..
Pico low!!!
Yeah... from the valley... to the alleys, yeah

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Record Label(s): 2004 Herut Music High Times Records
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